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Where is the Hope?

Earlier this week Health Minister Mary Harney in the Irish Republic put on the back burner a programme to vaccinate 12 year olds in the recently announced HPV vaccination programme. This is reversing a decision made last August. Read more on the Irish Times website. The vaccine has the potential to prevent cervical cancer.

With decisions like this and no forward planning what hope have anyone of us in:

Ray D’Arcy on his radio show suggested a way to let Mary Harney know what people thought, ‘What if everyone sent emails to the Minister with photos of their daughters expressing their dismay over this decision to deny these girls a vaccine which may prevent them getting cervical cancer in later years?’

The Ray D’Arcy show has a link where you can send an email directly and it will only take a second. You can do it here: Today FM. Or if you’d like to send a photo of your daughter, the address is: minister’s_office@health.irlgov.ie

Having watched and helped to look after a very dear friend who slowly lost her battle with the curse that cervical cancer is, I would never wish for anyone else to face and endure that journey.

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