Thursday Special ~ A Big Win

Samantha arrived home, screeching her car into the driveway, and ran into the house.

She slammed the door and shouted at the top of her lungs,’Peter, pack your bags. I won the lottery!’

Running down the stairs Peter asked ‘Oh my God! What should I pack, beach stuff or mountain stuff?’

‘Doesn’t matter,’ she said. ‘Just get out.’

21 thoughts on “Thursday Special ~ A Big Win

  1. Nancy


    I loved that story.

    We had a case here of a young woman who had been in a relationship with a fellow for a year and had gotten pregnant.

    When she told the boyfriend about the baby he broke up with her immediately. Told her he wanted nothing to do with her or the baby, and promptly left her.

    Three weeks later a couple of things happened to her. First, she was mistaken about being pregnant and second, she won $250 Million in the State Lottery.

    Of course, he came crawling back but she informed him that she wanted NOTHING to do with him every again.

    Ain’t life grand ????

  2. Ian


    I knew a man who lived with his daughter and son in law in a big estate where they had bought their own house. They did the British National Lottery each week and won £3 million.

    They discussed what best to do with the money. They had lived for years on the estate – the house had been the one in which the woman grew up – their friends were all there.

    After discussion they decided to spend some of the money – they built a new porch on the house!

  3. Grannymar Post author

    @Steph, @ChrisB, @Lottie & @Cathy glad it made you smile.

    @Nancy – Swift decisions are not always the best!

    @Ian – A new porch on the house? I could think of many things to spend the money on, but a porch would not figure on the list.

    @Darlene – Unless it was to store the remainder of the money in. 😉

  4. Nick

    Goodness, I hope Jenny never wins the lottery, I could be in big trouble. After all, she only tolerates me because I’m the only one who knows how to defrost the fridge.

  5. Ian


    If you lived at the top of a hill on the east Antrim Coast, you would build a new porch!

    I’ve no idea what they did with the rest of the money – I moved to Dublin where the entire sum would not have paid some of the house prices.

  6. Grannymar Post author

    @Judy – I think you might be right! As they say in Ireland ‘ If you are not in, you can’t win!’

    @Nick – I am sure there is more to you than defrosting the fridge.

    @Ian – if it is the hill I am thinking of, the porch would need to be triple glazed!

  7. Maureen

    I first read this shortly after waking this morning and it took a few seconds to click. I thought I’d missed the rest of the story. Then I read it again and ‘on went the light bulb’. Too funny! Thanks for the chuckle. 🙂

  8. Magpie11

    Hi…days later….Poor bloke…..

    The trouble with lotteries is that the machines always pick the wrong numbers.They are supposed to pick my numbers, I think!

  9. Lottie

    @K8 – Jeebus I must have half a dozen unchecked tickets. One of these days I am going to win and forget to check the ticket until after it expires.

  10. Grannymar Post author

    @K8 – Do I get a reminder’s fee if you win?

    @Lottie – Go Lottie, go and come back and tell us if you win!


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