Daily Archives: November 25, 2008

What to do?

The sound of the boiler rumbled through the neighbourhood day and night for several weeks. There was no sign of the car or anyone coming or going from the house. The weeds grew to knee height, the windows took on a greyish tinge and the paths were un-swept with a fresh layer of leaves, grime and general rubbish delivered on every gust of wind. The blinds were unmoved.

The phone twittered and thrilled unanswered several times on any given day. The mound of post in the hallway increased with each new delivery. Soon there would be no space left for the letters to fall.

Used and unwashed dished cluttered the draining board. The remains of meals dried and congealed on the plates were enough to feed a four-course feast to a family of vermin. All the used beakers were lined up like a guard of honour on the windowsill and the contents of the cutlery drawer, all dirty, were scattered in the sink.

On the table were several bottles of pills…. Some full, others open and lying on their sides while a trail of multi-coloured sweet like shapes was scattered across the floor.

The hands on the clock remained at ten past two no matter what the hour, day or night. The shower, bath and wash basin remained unused for many a day and the furniture throughout the house was protected by a six inch layer of dust.

Nobody had a key.

Nobody tried to enter.

Neighbours talked in hushed voices but didn’t want to become involved….

A serious situation indeed! Who would be brave enough to make the first move?

There was no easy way round it; it had to be done…





I think it is time to give this blogging a rest”!