I promised you

On Friday I introduced you to three fine young men that I know of from the world of blogging and podcasting. One of them was

Cian MacMahon a fifth year student who podcasts as a hobby and so far has succeeded in finding two sponsors to cover his hosting expenses. Cian is a handsome young man with a crystal clear voice and excellent diction and I predict he will go places in the not to distant future.

Cian asked to interview me for a Podcast and the fruit of his labour is now available.

So make a coffee put your feet up and go pay a visit to View from the Quad where you can listen to the golden voice of Cian. In fact Mr Woss et al might learn a thing or two about how to conduct an interview with patience, good manners and preparation from this fine young fellow.

7 thoughts on “I promised you

  1. steph

    Brilliant interview, Grannymar!

    It’s hard to believe that Cian is still at school. He’s definitely ‘one to watch’!

    As regards the problem you have with your microphone…

    why not try putting the sock over your head when podcasting? 😆

    And thanks for the mention btw 😀

  2. Grannymar

    @Cian – I look forward to hearing a podcast with your granny!

    @Steph – I have often thought of putting a sack over my head, but never a sock! 🙄


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