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I have been tagged by Susan of arkonite’s blog http://arkonitebabe.blogspot.com/ to complete the A – Z of Homemaking, now lets see how I get on:

A is for Aprons – yes/no? If yes, what’s your favourite?
I grew up wearing bright cotton aprons to protect my clothes when helping in the kitchen. Now I have two PVC aprons for cooking and baking days, they are purely functional.

B is for Baking – favourite thing to bake?
Cooking for one is soul destroying! I used to bake and cook every day when my husband was alive and Elly was at home. I cook a meal for perhaps four or six, have one portion then cool and freeze the rest in portions for days I don’t feel like cooking.

C is for Clothesline – do you have one?
Yes, I have a wonderful line across the back garden. Being high up I get full benefit from the wind, some days if I open the back door the clothes blow right in! 😉

D is for Donuts – have you ever made them?
Yes, Mammy made them quite often to have after lunch. I regularly helped to make them while she did something else. They were not your regular donuts, more a scone-like texture with jam in the middle. (I feel a blog post coming on…!)

E is for Every Day – one homemaking task you do every day.
Will getting out of bed do? 😉 Nowadays I wash dishes after every meal. Everything else is done when I feel like it or health allows.

F is for Freezer – do you have a separate deep freeze?
No need for one. Fridge freezer is enough for my needs.

G is for Garbage Disposal Unit – do you have one?
Me 🙄 Seriously I don’t know of anyone in Ireland who has one.

H is for Handbook – what’s your favourite homemaking resource?
Trial and error – well that is how I learned.

I is for Ironing – love or hate it?
I actually love it. A good play on the radio or nice music and a few toffees to chew on and I am happy. When I was young the load often contained 15 shirts; umpteen sheets, pillowcases and quilt-covers, cotton dresses, tablecloths and napkins and more hankies than a large box of tissues! All those items had to he starched first. Will I continue?

Thank the Lord for easy-care-no-iron clothing!

J is for Junk Drawer – yes/no? If yes, where is it?

Not really. I like to be able to find things when I need them so the best way is for them to have a home and be put back when finished with. I am not a hoarder. If I can’t use something then I try to pass it on to somebody who has a need for the item.

K is for Kitchen – colour and decorating scheme?
My kitchen is small and simple, little changed since the house was built. It functions well for my needs so why change it? I do change the colour scheme – curtains and paintwork from time to time.

L is for Love – what’s your favourite part of homemaking?
I put plenty of love & effort into homemaking when Jack was alive and Elly was at home. Jack and I worked well together and did all our own decorating. Once we started, a great companionable silence descended and we worked happily away side by side for hours without a word being spoken. I made all my own curtains over the years, thankfully only the living room window measured 14ft wide by 7ft high! The others were all more manageable sizes. I made duvet covers and fitted sheets, covered chairs and did all the cooking, baking and cleaning (that includes the chimney), this is beginning to sound like a CV so I had better stop!

M is for Mop – do you have one?
I do have a spongy one on a telescopic pole and I use it for the high windows outside.

N is for Nylons – machine or hand wash?
Nylons? I remember them! I wore tights once this year. I put them in a pillowcase and tie a knot in it and add to the washing load in the machine.

O is for Oven – do you use a window or open the oven door to check?
I have two doors, the inner one is glass. Mind you I still open both to check for doneness.

P is for Pizza – what do you put on yours?
Pizza involves cheese, so they are out for me – no dairy!

Q is for quiet – what do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment?
Living alone there are far too many quiet moments!

R is for Recipe Card Box – yes/no? If yes, what does it look like?
No. I have three A5 ring binders with wipe clean covers. I type the recipes and put them in plastic pockets, all sorted by type e.g. soups cakes etc. They are also stored on my computer, which makes Food Mondays easier.

S is Style of House – what style is your house?
Detached bungalow, 3 bed.

T is for Tablecloths – do you use them?
I like to. Not when I am alone, but yes if I am having guests for a Dinner. Family get to eat off the old china – so if you got the old stuff and no tablecloths – consider yourself family 😉

U is for Under The Kitchen Sink – organised or toxic wasteland?
Organised, little changed in 30 years. I could find things with my eyes closed.

V is for Vacuum – how many times a week?
Used to do it every day, now it is more like once a week.
W is for Wash – how many loads of washing do you do each week?
It takes more than seven sets of sexy underwear to fill the washing machine ❗ A dark and a light load and sometimes a third wash. Woollens are done by hand.

X’s – Do you keep a daily list of things to do that you cross off?
Not any more.

Y is for Yard – who does what?
Nowadays – me or nobody!

Zzzz’s – what’s the last homemaking task you do before bed in the evening?
Switch off and unplug items and that included the computer!

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