Daily Archives: December 14, 2008

A Babble of Bloggers

There are rumblings abroad about a babble of bloggers about to bobble and bounce their way to Cork in the month of February 2009. It is not very far away so preparations need to be made. You know the drill; register, book hotels, flights, trains or decide how drivers need to be sweetened!

We know you have Christmas in the pot and all organised so relax for a minute, then scratch old St Val and delay (or continue) the celebrations by one week to Saturday 21st February at the Place to be Seen, with the IT people – who said geeks – for a night/weekend of celebration,fun, laughter and frivolity.

More rumblings and details can be found here:

From the Master

or a Cool Dude

Come on, join the fun you know you want to!


Yesterday I met Peter Pan D@\/e & his wife Wendy for coffee and a mince pie. Dave was sporting his freshly polished Grannymar Toyboy badge. We chatted easily for a couple of hours and promised to do it all again soon. Thanks for the coffee and the welcome.