A Babble of Bloggers

There are rumblings abroad about a babble of bloggers about to bobble and bounce their way to Cork in the month of February 2009. It is not very far away so preparations need to be made. You know the drill; register, book hotels, flights, trains or decide how drivers need to be sweetened!

We know you have Christmas in the pot and all organised so relax for a minute, then scratch old St Val and delay (or continue) the celebrations by one week to Saturday 21st February at the Place to be Seen, with the IT people – who said geeks – for a night/weekend of celebration,fun, laughter and frivolity.

More rumblings and details can be found here:

From the Master

or a Cool Dude

Come on, join the fun you know you want to!


Yesterday I met Peter Pan D@\/e & his wife Wendy for coffee and a mince pie. Dave was sporting his freshly polished Grannymar Toyboy badge. We chatted easily for a couple of hours and promised to do it all again soon. Thanks for the coffee and the welcome.

14 thoughts on “A Babble of Bloggers

  1. Mike

    G’wan everyone register…and the hotel is fab too.
    That reminds me I hope Santa brings me some polish for my badge.
    I will wear it with pride to the Bloggers Christman Lunch also

  2. robert

    I’ve already registered Grannymar, The hotel is only 30 minutes up the road from me so I’m really looking forward to finally meeting some of ye in person!

  3. Grannymar Post author

    @Mike – Enjoy the lunch.

    @Phil – ‘Iced Coffee’ is a real cool dude and great photographer!

    @Robert – I look forward to meeting you and all the corkonians in Feb.
    I hear you are serving afternoon teas to all the waifs and strays! 😉

  4. Nancy


    Do you have any suggestions on how I can “Sweeten” up a driver to come and get me here in Pennsylvania and take me to Cork?”

  5. peter pan

    me and the lost boys have been wandering around neverland and I just can’t find Wendy have you seen her…
    i’m worried it might be because someone said to her ‘how does peter pan fly? and then said ‘if someone hit your peter with a pan you’d fly too’ …maybe she’s found out that is how i fly.

  6. Grannymar

    @Steph – Were you peeping in the window at Primal Sneeze practising his party piece?

    @Nancy – The airport in Cork is right beside the hotel! Come on over you would love it!

    @Peter Pan – D@\/e I see you hiding in there!

  7. Baino

    Oh Bugga! I’d love to come and meet you all but I have to suffice with lunch with Nick who’s in Sydney next weekend and a two week visit from another ex blogger in Jan . . pumped I am!


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