Daily Archives: December 21, 2008

Who Guessed Correctly?

So who won yesterdays test of observation skills?

Steph – is hedging her bets

Magpie – washes his clothes in G&T or has a wine & cheese in peculiar places

Elly – doesn’t do the ironing

Supersimbo – loves games

Will – needs to spend more time in the kitchen

Judy – ‘upside-down bubble wrap’ is it not the same on both sides?

Robert – is no stranger to laundry

Ian – as Roy Walker would say ‘Good answer but it’s not right’

Primal – is a cylinder head gasket different for a white van?

Baino – Elly doesn’t know her mother as much as she thinks she does

Paddy – Needs a bucket from Santa



Yesterdays picture was a very small section from here:

Of course you guessed it.


It was the inside of my washing machine.