Daily Archives: December 22, 2008

Goodwill for all

It is official! Damien is an elf.

How do I know? Well he told the world so on his blog.

It is not the only thing he told us…..

He has four prizes to give away

It’s all in aid of the Jack and Jill Foundation, who can help you recycle your old mobile phones in aid of charity. Jack and Jill didn’t provide the prizes but a supporter of theirs did.

So when Jack and Jill are not climbing the hill what do they do at the Foundation?

The Foundation provides early intervention home respite to families with children up to the age of 4, with severe neuro developmental delay and palliative conditions requiring extensive medical and nursing care at home.

Now everyone that donates one or more mobile phones to the charity, will be entered into a draw for three prizes (First, second and third out of hat) – a Nokia 5220, a Voyager 815 bluetooth headset and an Elextex rubberised portable keyboard for phones.

The blogger who gets these people to donate phones will also be entered into a draw for a Nokia 810 Internet Tablet.

Donating a phone is dead simple as you drop the phone and charger (if you have it) in a jiffy bag and send it to their freepost address: The Jack and Jill Mobile Appeal, Freepost, Ratoath Road , Finglas, Dublin 11

I think you are supposed to say I sent you!

Full details on Damien’s site

UPDATE: The Christmas Spirit got the better of me last night…  Finglas is in DUIBLIN 11 and not district 1 as I said.  Amended above and below. – Thanks to Steph for showing me the error of my ways. 😀

Food Monday ~ Adding to the Turkey

Everyone has their favourite way to cook the turkey so today I will concentrate on dishes to serve with it.

Christmas Red Cabbage
Preheat the oven to190°C

1 head of Red Cabbage discarding the core
9ozs Cranberries
2ozs Butter
3 tablespoons Sherry or Red Wine vinegar
3 tablespoons water
9ozs canned or vacuum-packed cooked and peeled chestnuts

Finely shred the cabbage and layer in a casserole with Cranberries, Butter, Sherry or Red Wine vinegar & water. Cover tightly and cook for 1 hour.Stir in chestnuts and cook for a further 15 minutes.Serve immediately or cool quickly and reheat the next day (often better).


Port & Apricot Bacon Rolls
Preheat the oven to190°C

12 ready to eat Dried Apricots
3tblsp Port
6 slices smoked Streaky bacon

Soak the apricots in the port overnight.Stretch the bacon slices by running a sharp knife along the length of each slice, then cut in half crosswise.Wrap a piece of bacon around each apricot and place in a small roasting tin.Pour over remaining port, and then cook for 20-25 minutes until bacon is a delicious golden colour.


Lemon & Thyme Stuffing

Small Onion chopped
½ tablespoon Sunflower Oil
2ozs white Breadcrumbs
½ tablespoon fresh chopped Thyme
Grated rind of a Lemon
2 tablespoon s chopped Parsley
1 Egg beaten
1 tablespoon Lemon juice

Cook chopped onion in oil and cool.Put all the ingredients in a bowl & add onion and season.Roll into Balls and chill.Add to roasting tin for last 20 minutes of cooking time


Chestnut & Sausage-meat Stuffing

Small Onion
½ tablespoon Sunflower Oil
4ozs Cumberland Sausages
1oz Cranberries
1oz fresh wholemeal Breadcrumbs
1 tablespoon p chopped Parsley
2ozs cooked & peeled Chestnuts
1 Egg beaten

Cook the onion in oil until softened and leave to cool.Put remaining ingredients in a bowl and add onion and season.Shape into balls, cover and chill.Add to roasting tin for last 20 minutes of cooking time