Daily Archives: January 4, 2009

Battery Power

Yesterday was a fidgety day. I often get them nowadays. Unable to settle to a single task, I flit like a butterfly from one thing to another. I cleared a cupboard, sorted some washing, ironed some knitwear and listed the batteries I needed to purchase…. several are not holding their charge as long as they should. More than 20 batteries are needed at first count.

You know how it goes – keyboard, mouse, camera, condiment set, clock and the one place I almost forgot. My safe! Of late I noticed that when I keyed in my pin no. for the safe, that the door would not open. It took at least five tries yesterday. So I found the instructions and as I read through it I noticed something about batteries 😳 It works on batteries and not fresh air. I removed the old ones and they were not rechargeable. While checking the details I noticed in small print; for expiry date see base. I turned it over and right enough it had a date – December 2004. What year is this? I hope I don’t need my crown jewels before Monday.

Oh dear, I forgot another one…..


I tested the most important battery – the one in my smoke alarm and it works. 😀 Here in Norn Iron we have or did have a TV Campaign to remind everyone to test their smoke alarms. ‘Thumbs up its Monday’ was the slogan chanted by a group of Fireman in full regalia. So this week I am a day early.

In the cupboard I cleared I came across an old folder with a spring spine, it had stickers on the cover both inside and out. There are six in total and I will share them with you over the next few weeks.

This is the first: