Handy Hints for Wednesday ~ 10

To extend the life of tights/hosiery put them in a freezer bag and place in the freezer over night. Next day thaw them out and wash in the usual way!

Earlier in this series I suggested using baking soda in the refrigerator to keep it fresh, don’t throw it away when you need to replace it! Put the used powder in the sink drain, add a cup of vinegar and let it stand overnight. Run hot water through it in the morning; it will help keep drains clean and smelling fresh.

Stuffed toys that get old and have a stale smell can be refreshed by simply giving them a dusting of baking soda let them sit for 10-15 minutes. Pat the baking soda off and you have a fresh smelling stuffed toy again. It is safe for children and the stuffed toy as well.

To make scratches in mahogany invisible dye them with Iodine.

One I hope you never need to use: In emergency cases, dental floss had been used to tie up severed arteries as a result of a freak accident and to tie up umbilical cord in an emergency delivery

14 thoughts on “Handy Hints for Wednesday ~ 10

  1. Vicki

    Very useful, thanks, I’ll have to try the baking soda in the fridge. I don’t really understand freezing tights though. How does it work?

  2. Nancy

    Yes, Vicki, it does extend the life of your tights when you put them in the freezer.

    It’s just that they are so damned hard to get on, all frozen up like that, and they make my legs COOOLD for hours after…..

  3. Grannymar


    Have you thawed out yet? 🙄

    I know some people get dressed while still in bed, but please don’t climb in the freezer to put your tights on!

  4. Magpie11

    I’ve used citrus peels to freshen up the sink! Orange works best! Put them in the sink and pour a small amount of hot/boiling water over them!

    would freezing my wool or cotton socks extend their life do you know? And what about my mother in law’s stockings?

  5. Grannymar

    Magpie, Never heard of cotton or wool going in the freezer.

    Now about your MIL… make sure she has taken off the socks first… 🙄

    I think its time I went to bed.

  6. Michadaly

    Hi Grannymar,
    Hope you are well.
    Here’s another hint:
    If you get chewing gum on clothing try to pop it in a plastic bag and pop it in the freezer. When it is frozen the gum should peel off the clothing in one piece.

    Hope it helps! I know it works….


  7. Grannymar Post author

    Hi Micha and welcome,

    I have heard of the chewing gum hint. In fact it was one we had ready that day I was on the Afternoon Show, but alas we ran out of time.

  8. Grannymar Post author


    I am glad I dont live near you….

    Putting your MIL in the freezer and hitting things that are slow to work with a hammer! 😉 🙄


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