Daily Archives: January 16, 2009

I would like to…

Follow all the people who follow me on Twitter but….

There are only so many hours in a day.

I have a real life.

I need to cook and clean

I need to move, take exercise and rest my eyes from the computer screen

I have a blog to maintain and feed

So my solution is: If I don’t already know you, or your blog, or at least three people on your list of followers, then sorry not this time!

Learn about Facebook

Again it is time consuming. I think had I realised what it was like at the beginning I might never have joined in the first place.

It is one thing to accept somebody as a friend, but when every single request requires opening yet another application – not my thing at all. I am not being rude but Facebook BORES me!

Be a Judge for the Irish Blog Awards

I thought about it last year. I thought about it again this year but…

If on the off chance I am nominated, and there are practically no categories that I would fit neatly into, then it would rule me out of judging those. I have to admit that some of the categories I know little or nothing about, for example, technology, business and music, so they are out.

Then we have colour – that was the final straw for my decision to stay away. The blogs themselves are the problem. Black and some coloured backgrounds are a major problem for me to read. Today I opened a blog for the first time and I am sure the content was fascinating, but I was straining my eyes and the print was ghosting! I was unable to find where to comment to even inform the author of my difficulty because the print was so feint.

What is the point in going to the trouble of setting up and running a blog if people cannot read it?

I want to play my part, I owe it for all the fun I have had these past couple of years, but I would have Damien’s head turned, saying I cant’t see this one, or I know nothing about that subject…

OK I am no longer a youngling, and I do have a cataract forming in one eye, but I can still see and my eyes were tested recently and my glasses are fine!

I suppose I could offer an hour on the desk on the big night!