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Revving up the R’s with 7 Things

Judy at Imagine had a meme the other day and she invited her followers commenter’s to try it.

How you do it: Either ask me for a letter, or choose one for yourself

With 26 letters in the alphabet I would never be happy, so I chose to ask and be restricted to just one letter. Judy selected the letter R.

In the meantime I was tagged by Laura Czajkowski who in turn was tagged by Jamie Hemmett, to:

Share 7 Things Not Previously Known about me!

Being lazy I combined the two and came up with 7 things beginning with the letter R

Radio – By choice I have no television but radio is my constant companion 24/7. Living alone it adds sound to my world and I learn something new every day. If you asked, the last time I slept right through the night, it was pre December 1991! I consider three consecutive hours a good nights sleep nowadays. BBC World Service is my companion through the starlight hours. I leave it turned low in the hope it lulls me to sleep, but some of the programmes are better than those by day.

Refreshment – We all need refreshment and for me there is nothing I like more than a good meal and a bottle of nice wine shared with real friends.

Reservation – At this point I have a reservation made for a flight to Cork for the Irish Blog Awards. If you see me at the airport please do not fret – I have arranged for a wheelchair. It is a condition imposed by my GP because standing still or in queues causes me to become dizzy and fall. On my own I deal with it, but people round me seem to fuss and this causes me extra unnecessary stress. Anyway my son-in-Law has waited for a long time to push me around. 😉

Ribbon – As a young girl I was never without a ribbon in my hair. I seemed to have one for every day and to match every dress.

Richard – was my favourite name for a boy. Had fate given me a son instead of Elly he would have been called Richard John. Mind you that might have caused a problem, since Jack decided very early on that our baby would be a girl! If it was a boy he would have to go back from whence he came. No amount of talking would make Jack change his mind, so thanks Elly for being a girl!

Rustle – Clothes don’t rustle anymore. Modern day clothing may be very comfortable but being sometimes shapeless and unstructured they lack that unique feeling. There was something special about dressing up to attend a dance in silk or taffeta garments that rustled in motion. With my love of sewing and small frame I made a new dress or three for each season.

Requiem – When my time comes – and I hope it is not soon, I wish to be disposed of simply and quickly wherever I may fall. No need to drag my mortal remains all over the country. Then when I am out of the way, remember me with laughter & song and drink a toast to my memory!