Let’s say “Hi!

With apologies to Ross Parker the author of ‘We’ll Meet Again’ a favourite tune for the Forces Sweetheart from WW11 – Dame Vera Lynn

Let’s say “Hi” with a smile, dear.
To chat a while, dear, we must start.
Don’t let that starting upset you,
I’ll not forget you, sweethearts.

We’ll meet I hope, I know where, make it fast, I want to meet together quite soon in Cork

Keep blogging through, just like you always do, ‘till the Blog Awards drive the dark clouds far from Cork.

So will you please say “Hello” If your folks I don’t know tell me I won’t be wrong?
You’ll be happy to know that I so want to go, I am singing this song.
We’ll meet at last, I know where, make it fast, I want to meet quite soon way down in Cork

With the 2009 Irish Blog Awards almost upon us, a simple Meme is just the thing.

That whipper-snapper Rick O’Shea started it. I would link to him if I could see his blog 🙄

This Meme is simple.

Name 5 bloggers you haven’t met in the flesh before that you’d like to say hi to at the Blog Awards, say why if you want, link to them. They then, in turn, link to 5 bloggers they’d like to meet and so on.

That’s it. It’s just an icebreaker for the night. Yes, I know they might not be coming but it might act as an incentive.

I’d like to meet:

Holy ShmolyDonncha has always been willing to offer help and encouragement, no matter how silly my question. His camera eye fascinates me.

Trust Tommy – A 14 year old Toyboy! Need I say more? 🙄

Paddyanglican – who will be freshly returned from singing with the Corrigan Brothers, representing Moneygall and Ireland at the Grand Festivities in honour of new President Barak Obama near the White House. Well you never know he might bring me up to date on all the background gossip. 😉

Caricatures Ireland – Irish caricaturist Allan Cavanagh whose caricatures are witty and innovative and I would love to sit, talk and discover how he decides who is a good subject and perhaps sit for him sometime. We might discover the real Grannymar! 🙄

Ian Poulton – A long time commenter whose life in Ministry has straddled both sides of this island. Regularly Ian writes posts that are thought provoking and at times they make me uncomfortable in the best meaning of the word.

I hear you….  Yes I did pick five toyboys… I have my reputation to think about 🙄

We girls are more organised; and since we learned from last year how much fun it was to meet up in advance of the main event, we are once again, thanks to Sabrina Dent, having a Ladies Tea Party on the afternoon of 21st Feb in Cork.

Well then, to keep you happy:

Reluctant Memsahib – Realistically it may not happen this time since Anthea lives in Tanzania with her husband and children. She moved from a farm within easy striking distance of one of the country’s busiest cities leaving all the things we women take for granted, such as day school for the children, regular appointments with a hairdresser and lunches with friends. Home now is an Outpost, a place once famous as brief home to Dr Livingstone and Henry Morton Stanley; her older children have had to be bundled off to boarding school a 12 hour drive away. To while away the hours she writes, walks & teaches her youngest at home & keeps in touch with the outside world by phone. Her life is so different to mine and sounds like something I have only known from the pages of a book

OK I don’t hold a grudge, so I will link to yer man.. What’s his name? Oh yeah, Rick somebody

7 thoughts on “Let’s say “Hi!

  1. steph


    We’ll meet again
    I know where (boarding gate)
    I know when (don’t be late)
    I can’t wait to meet again
    On our way to Cork 😀

  2. Baino

    OH can I play even though I haven’t a snowball’s chance in Hell of going?
    English Mum
    Conortje (well Irish but not in Ireland)
    Paddy Bloggit . . yeh yeh . .you know I have a problem with numbers.

  3. Ian


    I would love to have attended the Awards, but as Sunday is the only day I work, getting away at weekends is problematic.

    I posted already today, but will try to think of a response tomorrow. I meet with Grandad’s alter ego regularly, so can exclude him from my list without incurring his wrath.

  4. Allan Cavanagh

    Ah, Grannymar, I’m only after seeing this! I had so many corner of my eye moments during the night including yourself and I just never got to meet everyone I wanted to. Next year then!

  5. Grannymar Post author


    I’ll hold you to that! I was meeting people all the time and yet I came home realizing all those I missed. 🙁


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