Daily Archives: January 21, 2009

Handy Hints for Wednesday ~ 11

On Monday I had a twitter request about Static in Clothing. With more and more manmade fabrics about nowadays static can prove a big problem.

Fabric conditioners added to a wash will minimize static cling as well as making the clothes soft and fluffy.

Supermarket brand tumble dryer sheets will work along with heat to remove static electricity from clothing.

Synthetic carpets and composition soles in shoes both add to the problem. I found that by removing my shoes and standing outdoors for a few minutes helped the static to drain away!

Don’t throw the used sheets away as they are still very useful. Why not store them in a box for reuse. When sewing run the threaded needle through a used dryer sheet to prevent static tangles in the thread

Burnt on food on a casserole dish or sauce pan? Fill with hot water and place a used dryer sheet in it and leave to soak over night. The food will wash off like magic the next day.

Do you use tea bags? Don’t throw them out when the tea is finished, instead store them in a box in the fridge and use them to treat puffy eyes. Lie back for ten minutes with the cold teabags on your eyes and let them work their magic.

Do you have a fine chain necklace? Always fasten the clasp to prevent tangles. If it is already tangled then use two sewing needles to pull the links apart very gently.