Is this what he bought?!

I have a friend who bought a hideaway heaven to house his harem!

He put up some pictures on his blog and it all looks tranquil and inviting!

Now we all know that pictures can be dragged and pulled from many sources on the net to great effect.  I was a little worried because he promised me a room of my own.  My room doesn’t seem to have a bed and I might end up sleeping standing up in a ‘zippy-up yoke’ (quote from Steph) over in a corner.

Today I think I uncovered his real secret……

Those pictures were only to put us off the scent…..

The house he bought is this one!


Today is also Paddy Bloggit’s Birthday.

Happy Birthday Sunshine!

11 thoughts on “Is this what he bought?!

  1. Paddy Bloggit

    You caught me out GM!

    Richard EEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Grant promised he wouldn’t tell!

    The zippy up thing could have promising possibilities …. all that’s required is imagination. 🙄

    Thanks for the Fartday Greetings ….. made my day. Those penguins certainly have a talent! Did you train them yourself? :mrgreen:

    Anyways …. must hobble off to school. Have a nice one GM! 🙂

  2. Baino

    Haha . . who wants a room on their own? I’ve got one of those at home! Happy birthday Padster! May you find someone to spoon in your new room.

  3. Grannymar Post author

    @Paddy – I refuse to use my imagination about your ‘zippy-up yoke’! 🙄

    @Steph – In the shed the spiders might protect me.

    @Baino – I have three rooms and move from one to another on a regular basis – well it is one way to keep the beds aired!


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