Daily Archives: January 25, 2009

A New World of Hope

Yesterday I read a Blog Post that brought tears to my eyes, joy to my heart and hope for humanity.  A journey where amazing diverse people from different nations and persuasions joined together in hope, all because of three little words: YES WE CAN!

To be American, last week, was a privilage.  To be alive to witness the dawn of a new beginning, tough though the journey may be to begin with, but by pulling together and working hand in hand Americans can show the world once more that it is a great nation.  YES YOU CAN!

My hope for the future is that the ripples of positivity will reach these shores.  Ireland is a beautiful place in all corners of the island.  If all the effort spent wasted in gurning (boy can people in Ireland gurn) and blaming the  Governments for all our faults & ills, was put into working for and improving our lot we too could have a country to be proud of.  YES WE CAN!

Who will be our new Obama?  YES YOU CAN!

Now go read A Journey of Hope!

Nancy, you will need two boxes of tissues!