Daily Archives: January 31, 2009

How about a coffee…

Back in December on that dreaded Facebook I received an invitation.

‘How about a coffee & a mince pie before Christmas?’  The request came from a Toyboy!       Now you all know me by now, I never want to miss the chance to meet up with a fellow blogger.  Calendars were cleared and arrangements made, and that is how I met D@\/e. It was interesting to meet another Norn Iron blogger and learn about the world from his perspective.

Dave brought his wife (a non blogger) and we chatted easily.  In fact we talked so long that we worried rent for the table & chairs might be added to the bill ❗

Before we parted we decided on a return match and I suggested we try somewhere with softer seats, and so we settled on the Comfort Inn at Antrim for our return meet-up during the final days of the Christmas season.  As I waited for Dave to arrive I watched the the dismantling of the Christmas tree from the foyer.

Again we drank coffee and chatted and the idea of an open blogger meet-up was bandied about. Where and when to have it, how to advertise it etc. were all thoughts discussed.  Since we were rather comfortable where we were sitting, that solved one problem, next up was the date, time and to let people know.

So the plan is:

To meet for a coffee, and or a meal with plenty of chat (you are welcome to try all three!) here:

The Comfort Inn, 20 Dunsilly Road, Antrim

13 February 2009 at 19:00

Dave has all the info on Facebook and I see that Nelly, Hannah & Ciaran have their names down already.  Phil is hoping to coax Davy to load up his bus with the Belfast gang… sure you know you don’t want to miss it!

Any southern bloggers in our neck of the woods that evening?  You would be very welcome.