Daily Archives: February 1, 2009

Funny Money

I am busy counting my money.

Not that money, the other kind.  The toy stuff they use down south. Euro!

Euro are like sheep; same singular or plural.  My Elly told me years ago – and she knows everything – never use the term ‘EUROS’ because it is a naughty word in the Greek language.  It must be very bad since she would not translate it for me!

So I am counting my Euro 🙁

My little purse that holds them from one visit to another is feeling old, tired and empty.  It has served me well, first used many years ago to keep foreign currency from one years holiday to the next.   French Franc, Deutsch mark, Irish Pound, Italian Lira, Portuguese Escudo, Greek drachma, Danish Crown, Spanish Pesetas & Maltese Lira all found a resting place between holidays.  Today languishing in th bottom are a few Euro.

Now let me see… Twenty… twenty two…twenty four… five, six seven…50c…

No need to go any further  I have enough ❗

The Ladies Tea Party is safe.  I have registered.  I have my money and I am all set…. now what to wear!

The Wonderful Sabrina Dent came up with the idea last year and it proved a wonderful ice breaker and opportunity for lady bloggers to gather for a chat, a tipple and a giggle before the Irish Blog Awards.  Once again Sabrina has organised everything for us but..
Registration is limited to 30 people. You need to complete a registration form for each person attending, and it’s first come, first served, so go on and do it now

Who: You. A pre-event mixer for Ireland’s women bloggers.
Saturday, 21 February from 4 – 7 PM
Where: Cork Airport Hotel, Apartment 201 (NOT room 201)
What: Food, drink, occasional knitting, general merriment
How much: €17 per person.
Registration: NOW OPEN. Go for it 🙂

Male Mail

I was copied into these emails last Tuesday.  The first was from another hemisphere and the reply from the West Coast of Ireland.

Subject: F*****g Hot

Good day

Had a beautiful warm weekend

28 on Friday
32 on Saturday
33 on Sunday
35 on Monday
38 today
40 tomorrow
40+ on Thursday
40+ on Friday
40 on Saturday

And a cool change on Sunday 38
The hottest spell in over 1 hundred years promised
45 today in Ouyen and Mildura

Suicide time


Reply: Mmmmmmmmm !

Steel grey sky.
Snow on the hills behind my house.
Ashes cleaned out from fire place.
Ash dust on mantle shelf.
Fire lit.
Porridge eaten.
Hugging warm coffee cup.
Heavy overcoat and Russian hat going on as I head off on today’s adventures.
Your heat is beyond my comprehension.

Stay sane.