Thursday Special ~ Change, change, change!

It was a long dark & dreary winter.

I hoped that with the beginning of February things might improve.

Did I say IMPROVE?

I wonder if that word has been excommunicated from the dictionary?  If not I think I’ll go cut the page out…

The boys in the banks have been playing Monopoly with my change, your change and everyone else’s change.  When they won, our change went into their pockets.  When we wanted money they gave us the Monopoly stuff.  Now that is all gone and we are told over and over, night noon and morning that the rules must change.

President Barack Obama said it.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown said it.

Taoiseach Brian Cowen has said it.

Well I am verrrrry sorry,

but Holy Cow manure…..







15 thoughts on “Thursday Special ~ Change, change, change!

  1. Nick

    The politicians keep saying everything must change but there’s precious little sign of it so far. Still plenty of money pouring into the pockets of the wealthy.

    Oh, THAT change? Being a bloke, I wouldn’t know anything about that. Mind you, we have our own version of the Change. When all those gorgeous young girls don’t fancy you any more and you realise you’re no longer a cute guy, you’re Dad – or even Grandad.

  2. steph


    Brilliant pic! Wait till Nancy sees it! 😆

    The last I heard, GORDON Brown was Prime Minister and Brian CowEn was An Taoiseach 🙄

  3. Grannymar Post author

    @Nick – We need to change the Politicians. New blood >> fresh ideas!

    @Baino – If I could can the flying slush, I’d willingly send it over!

    @Teacher Steph – Homework corrected! Must remember not to sit up posting after midnight!

  4. Nancy

    So Grannymar,you think you are the only one whose money is gone?

    I got my bank statement yesterday and it said: THIS IS THE LAST TIME WE ARE SPENDING 42 CENTS TO TELL YOU THAT YOU HAVE 22 CENTS.

    Now, about “The Change” Several things happened to me during that time.

    One: I gained a little weight. Well, more than a little. I got on the giant scale in the lobby of our supermarket the other day (The one where the voice announces your weight) As I stepped on the scale the voice said” ONE AT A TIME PLEASE.”

    Two: I had such a bad case of “hot flashes” I sold our home heating system on EBay.

  5. Magpie11

    reminds of that hymn we sang at school…Change and decay in all around I see….

    It ain’t just the pottylushens we need to change…some of our greed needs to change! I will now shut up about that or GM will suggest something!

    However that other change does affect us blokes…we try to sympathise but it’s difficult when she’s taking it out on you!

  6. Grannymar Post author

    @Judy – I think we all have a long wait for our our standard of living to make an upturn. 🙁

    @Nancy – Right now I have more scents than cents!

    @Magpie – I AGREE with your point about greed!

  7. Darlene

    If I could change anything it would be my age. Oh to be 40 again. Of course, it would be nice to change my bank account by adding a couple of zeros at the end.

    On second thought I would have to go through “that change” again.

  8. steph


    Baino said “I wouldn’t mind a ‘cool change’ right now!”

    and Nancy said “I had such a bad case of “hot flashes” I sold our home heating system on EBay”

    I’m sure they’re trying to tease me 🙁

    Did you tell them that our central heating boiler broke down THREE days ago? I’m sitting here in a freezing house with my teeth chattering and in the middle of one of the coldest spells of weather in years? I had to break the ice on my toothbrush before I could use it this morning.

    Right now I’d give anything for a ‘hot flush’. Pass them around girls!

  9. steph

    Thanks GM,

    Gary may be fed up of the snow but I bet you HE has a nice warm, centrally heated house to come home to 😕

    I’ve just heard that this spell of artic weather is to continue right through next week as well. I’d leave on the next jet plane except that our airport is closed due to snow 😥

  10. Magpie11

    layers and layers Steph and make sure some of them are wool! If noting else tie some newspaper arond your legs and body! Seriously tho’ it does work…I’ve just thought of a use for all those bills and things we shred…..

  11. Grannymar Post author

    With all this talk of snow we finally have a white world here. The snow has fallen on solid ice this time so it might be around for awhile! 🙁


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