Daily Archives: February 13, 2009


I was sitting in the bath last night having a long soak after a busy day. Suddenly, the words of a song came flooding into my head and the long handled back brush was transformed into a microphone:

For Dublin can be heaven
With coffee at eleven
And a stroll in Stephen’s green
There’s no need to hurry
There’s no need to worry
You’re the king and the lady’s a queen
Grafton Street’s a wonderland
There’s magic in the air
There’s diamonds in the lady’s eyes
And gold-dust in her hair
And if you don’t believe me
Come and meet me there
In Dublin on a sunny Summer morning
And if you don’t believe me
Come and meet me there
In Dublin on a sunny Summer morning

I could hear Noel Purcell’s gravelly rendition of the song and it brought back memories of walking up Grafton Street hand in hand with my granny. I knew where we were headed; because once we passed Switzers I could smell the coffee. Mmmm!

In those days Bewley’s was a double fronted shop and in one window stood a large coffee bean roasting machine. A man in a brown shop coat supervised and controlled the machine. Under the window was a large vent or extractor fan and the smell of roasting coffee invaded the street. One lungful of that aroma and you were hooked. The marketing men back then sure knew what they were doing!

Grafton Street has changed since those far of days and so has Bewley’s. I hear there is something special going on there right now and hopefully next week while I am in Dublin a trip can be arranged…..

A photography exhibition started yesterday, yes at Bewley’s of Grafton Street and it will run for 2 weeks. It’s a celebration of Fairtrade Fortnight and there are images of people who work on the Fairtrade farms that supply Bewley’s.

Entrance to the exhibition is free.  Anyone can drop in and check it out.

  • Bewley’s is giving away a free trip to Nicaragua including flights, accommodation, and guide.
  • Bewley’s is also giving away free afternoon treats for two every day throughout Fairtrade fortnight.
  • There are also some rather stylish bags to be had made out of hession sacks used for coffee.

It’s incredibly easy to win the afternoon treats… all you have to do is visit the Bewley’s Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bewleys/60778327564#/), become a fan, and post your answer to the question on the wall and you’re in with a good chance to win!

The exhibition started Thursday 12th February and runs until 8 March.

The competition to win afternoon treats for two at Bewley’s is from 23 Feb – 8 March.

With thanks to  Maryrose Lyons Brightspark Consulting for the photos.