Nice Day Thank God!

Our snow has melted and with it the memory of the bitter cold days and nights…  On the other side of the world the fires still burn and the work is only really beginning…  I wrote about it here a week ago. 

Friday’s email message

The radio is getting sad

Talk back radio have people appealing to know if their friends and relatives are alive

But we are not getting as many positive answers

The death toll still remains the same at 182 but

Today both the Police and the Red Cross begged for people to register their where abouts.

The missing have increased to over 120 and more

The government suggest that the toll will rise to over 300

The cheep press suggest that it is closer to 400

Tragically the firey’s and police came across 8 bodies huddled together over a baby on Friday. Now they are identified in their new names of 1 to 9 with their GPS map reference

It was easier to find people in cars on the roads

A different thing in the bush and in some of the houses

Facemasks and gloves are only now being handed out to volunteers to start the meticulous search through the devastation of what remains. The temperatures are forecast to jump up by Wednesday.

This refreshable map tracks where the fires are:

All that some survivors have left is their dignity – Their knickers or jocks have come from somebody else!

It kinda puts our recession into perspective!

6 thoughts on “Nice Day Thank God!

  1. Grannymar Post author


    We whine and complain about so many little things in life, something like this really puts our moaning into perspective.

  2. steph


    Thanks for helping to put things into perspective. I’ve been telling people all day that we have little reason to moan considering the awfulness of what’s happened in the Melbourne area. Everyone was in agreement.

  3. Magpie11

    Not just the Irish, GM. It happens on the other side of the Irish sea too.

    I have musician friends up in Queensland…flooded… who are putting on a benefit for the victims of the fires. I feel helpless……

  4. Grannymar Post author


    I heard my brother talk of trying to organise shipping emergency supplies to the flooded area.


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