Daily Archives: February 27, 2009

Are you talking to me?

Yesterdays story about overheard conversations brought back a long forgotten memory.

When I got my very own doll I loved to carry her about and talk to her.

After a few months I realised that I would have to put her down or find a new way to carry her around the house, in order to shift the dust, do the washing and cook the meals.  Since it was long before I ever heard of Google I had to trawl the shops and magazines for advice.  Then one day I found exactly what I wanted, posted off my cheque and waited patiently.

One week later the Postman arrived with my parcel.  It felt like Christmas as I ripped off the paper to find my new treasure.  It was just as described and I wanted to use it straight away.

Following the instructions I carefully put my doll into the harness, put the straps over my shoulders and tied them around my waist.  Satisfied that all was well I slipped into my overcoat and off we headed for a walk. My doll was sitting snugly against my chest and could feel my heartbeat,  she could see and touch my face and most important she could hear my voice.

My overcoat at the time was fitted neatly at the shoulders and flared out to a full swing from there. It buttoned to the neck but by leaving the top two buttons open little miss was snug and warm inside it with just her head peeping out.

As I walked briskly down the hill, talking non stop, I noticed a man walking ahead of me.  He looked back and smiled and then continued on his way.  This action was repeated several times within a short distance.  Eventually he stopped and turned towards me.  All the while I was getting closer.

When I was alongside him he spoke for the first time “Ah! You are talking to the baby.  I thought you were talking to me! When I looked back at you I didn’t see the baby.”

I was talking to Elly.  Is it any wonder she never shuts up nowadays.  Hands up, it is all my fault.