A Cunning Plan

I finally reached home late yesterday afternoon with Tobias for company.

My little car served me well and I drove over 300 miles in the ten days. That did not count the extra mileage covered on the journey to Cork, or the hour not traveling anywhere just sitting on board an aircraft on the tarmac playing hunt the non existent passenger 166!

The evening passed in connecting my docking station, broadband & installing  Skype, Twitter & MSN Messenger.  My camera is not yet connected so the few photos I have from my trip are still in my camera.  I also seem to have mislaid my folder of pictures. 🙁

Perhaps the George fella was expecting me to have problems.  He kept my PC hard drive saying it had a problem.  The only problem that I can see is I might have slipped back to using it… Well I don’t have it so must persist with Tobias.  It was a cunning plan.

Later today I will try to locate my photographs and connect my camera.  I also need to sort out user names and passwords, I seem to have oodles!  I am hoping to make a good attempt at clearing my RSS Reader, I am so far behind with blog reading, so put the kettle on and I will pay a visit.

Normal service will resume on Monday.

9 thoughts on “A Cunning Plan

  1. steph

    Welcome back, GM

    I’m blaming Tobias for the delay on the flight. Did you not know that Ryanair have special toyboy detectors at check-in? 😉

    I hope he behaves himself and gives you years of service 😀

  2. Grannymar Post author

    @Elly – It was only the icon in my Task bar I lost… I was checking to see if you were watching me. 😆 The five books are collected and the parcel was lighter than the Book Mooch cards that cracked the floorboards when pushed through the letterbox this am. The thump sure woke me up.

    @Steph – Poor Tobias will be blamed for plenty in the future! 🙄

  3. Annb

    As a relative new comer to the Blogosphere, I am in awe of your technical prowess. How do you know all this stuff – is there a Fas course available? I can post and even rise to the odd photo – but link thingies, RSS readers, url’s and those little smiley faces, I’m afraid they’re the honours paper as far as I’m concerned. And where do you get time for toyboys? You rock Grannymar.

  4. Grannymar Post author


    Alas no, an ‘Elly’ is not available in Dunnes, Brown Thomas or PC World. She is a one off and I treasure her!

  5. Baino

    That’s one of the things when someone formats your new computer things aren’t where they used to be . . .doesn’t take long to get it all looking like home though. Plenty of kms there Grannymar, you’d go down well over here at that rate!

  6. Grannymar Post author


    The PC was Windows XP and this is Vesta. Oh no! Vesta is rice – I think I mean Vista.

    I was using the shiny stuff – chrome, but now I am happier with my fiery fox.


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