Daily Archives: March 10, 2009

Bag Lady

Yesterday on my Food Monday the topic was sandwiches, and Nancy’s comment gave me an idea….

On a visit to Dublin many moons ago with a very young Elly my sister took her young niece out for a little treat.  Collecting a couple of her friend’s young daughters on the way they headed to the newly opened local branch of McDonalds.   The other young ladies were familiar with the routine and quickly decided on their order.  Miss Elly hung back, she did not know the routine and back then she had good manners, I have no idea what happened in the mean time!! 🙄

Not really in the habit of fast food she settled for a Milk Shake.  This slipped down with great ease and enjoyment.  All to soon Elly was drawing in noisy bubbles of emptiness and enjoying the fun of it.  My sister asked the magic question… “Would you like another one”?  Assured that she did not need to drink it right away but that she could take it home to Nana’s house for later, the answer was a definite Yes!

The menu was checked, decision made and the party returned to the counter.  When their turn came Miss Elly piped up with her order, to this her Aunt added in a bag.   Elly froze!  She was used to her dad’s obsessive tidiness and pride in a clean car….

IN A BAG!” she said incredulously, wondering how anyone could carry a Milk Shake home in a bag.

She learned.  She enjoyed, and was never allowed forget it!