One week ago

Is it only a week since I stood outside the Ulster Hall in Belfast before our guided tour?

As we waited I took this shot of the buildings across the street

I liked the newly restored street lamps outside the Ulster Hall so lets take a closer look

Now what is going on over there on the roof?

Brave folk absailing down the building for a children’s charity.

No I didn’t join in!

12 thoughts on “One week ago

  1. Magpie11

    Any more abhorrent things?

    I do abject quite nicely…trained by the parents all those years ago!

    I abjure nothing..does that make me aberant?

    This is absolutely silly…

  2. Grannymar Post author

    @Primal – I bet you are abysmal at abysmal! 😉 I’m able for an abacus but would fail as an abbess. Now how about a challenge… an alliterate post 🙄

    @Nick – I’m with you on just handing over the money. I was never good at absenteeism but abhor absolute abstinence it seems so absurd to me.

  3. Grannymar Post author


    Time for me to abdicate this absurd abecedarian of the alphabet.

    Did I get that right teacher?

  4. Magpie11

    ‘Twould seem to be tautological if you want to use abecedarian as an adjective…an abecedarian what? and it’s not arranged in the manner of an acrostic….
    as an noun it could mean one of four things of which I rather like “an Anabaptist of a sect that rejected all learning”

    New word for me this one….

    Mind you, from my childhood I remember the Aberbedeen Inguses on the farm down the road…and every one used to laugh at me when I said it!

  5. Magpie11

    Na! Not for words…go for Art or creative things…tis could be a good game..can you invent words beginning with ab that lookand sound real? Even better if you can give them meanings.

    Oh yes! Well done Ireland… and thanks for beating Wales to boot!

  6. Annb

    Absorbed, though I am by your absolutely abundant alliteration, abashed, I have to admit, that much of it, I found abstruse.

  7. kenju

    Oh, I really like those street lamps!!

    Thanks for the visit. grannymar, I have already removed the wallpaper; the problem now is the vast quantity of dried paste that still adheres to the walls. Vinegar made no difference and I hate the smell of it. I am using hot water with a little detergent, but I still have to scrub hard.

  8. Grannymar Post author

    @Magpie – I think I will stick with the small words!

    @Annb – 😀

    @Judy – I liked the detail in the street lamps.

    I am sorry you are having problems with the redecoration. I wonder what type of ‘glue’ was used to hang that wallpaper? Normal wallpaper paste usually comes away easily. I am running out of ideas.


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