Daily Archives: March 29, 2009

Two out of Three

Yesterday I made the most of a little sunshine.  My aim was to have a short walk, bring home the evidence by way of a photo or three.  Part two was to find a coffee shop with Wifi and put Tobias through his paces.  This was in fact a lesson for me.  I have used my laptop here at home and in Elly & Georges house (Everything in their house is connected to Wifi… even me!).

Well, I did manage to go for a walk.

I had decided I wanted a photo of a bridge and had a particular bridge over the Six Mile river at Lough Neagh, Antrim in mind.  As I neared my destination I noticed a few PSNI (Police Service for Northern Ireland) in Visi vests, then I saw the crowd of marchers.  I quickly changed direction and drove on to Randalstown, passing Masserene Barracks, where the two young soldiers were shot a couple of weeks ago on the evening they were due to leave for a tour of duty in Afganistan.  I am very anti war in any part of the world.  Those young men were some mothers sons and the ripples of heartbreak will radiate through many lives young and old for many a year.

I did find my bridge a rather unusual one:

The river Braid at Randalstown**

The lower bridge is the road into the town and the upper one was originally a railway line.  The last train to travel this way was back in the late 1950s or early 1960s.  Randalstown was another Linen town in days of yore.  At one stage about 1000 people worked in the mill weaving and finishing the linen.  If you inherited Irish table or bed linen from you mothers or grandmothers, perhaps it came from Randalstown.

Another section of the railway bridge taken from the road bridge

The old railway now paved as a walkway.

I did manage to have a circular walk along the train track and back through the town.  You see the photos but alas I have yet to discover a coffee shop with Wifi.  I suppose two out three are not bad.  Next time I aim to post my pics on the blog while enjoying a coffee away from home!

** James Hume commented on 27-08-2012 thus:

That is not the River Braid it is the River Maine at Randalstown flowing to Lough Neagh via Shanes Castle Estate.

I stand corrected!  Thank you James.