Food Monday ~ Lamb Leg Steaks in Orange & Ginger

This recipe takes me back a year or three.  I had forgotten it was in my repertoire.  Lamb leg stakes are now on my shopping list.

Lamb Leg Steaks in Orange & Ginger
Preheat the oven to 120°C

4-6 Lamb leg steaks
350 mls orange juice
zest of 1 orange
6 pieces preserved ginger, finely chopped
Flour to coat the chops seasoned with salt & black pepper.
Olive oil for frying
2 oranges.

Wipe the chops with kitchen paper and coat with the seasoned flour.  Heat the olive oil in frying pan and seal chops on both sides but do not overcook.  Remove from pan and put into casserole.  Pour the orange juice into the casserole around the chops and sprinkle on the finely diced preserved ginger.  Put the lid on the casserole and place in the pre-heated oven & cook for 2 hours.  Remove the lid, turn up the oven to 200°C and cook for a further 20 minutes.  Serve garnished with orange circles.

12 thoughts on “Food Monday ~ Lamb Leg Steaks in Orange & Ginger

  1. steph


    I love slowly cooked leg of lamb and this sounds like a delicious alternative.

    I’ve heard of gigot, loin and centre cut lamb chops but never leg steaks?

    And another question…

    I’m not a huge fan of ginger. What other flavour do you think would compliment the orange?

    That’s it…. I’ll leave you in peace now 😉

  2. Grannymar Post author


    Butchers give joints or sections of an animal different names in different parts of the country. I suggest you talk to your butcher.

    You could use garlic cloves, finely chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley fresh rosemary, fresh thyme & a pinch of ground cumin.

    or try redcurrent jelly & mint with the orange.

    Now off to the kitchen with you

  3. Baino

    Yum this sounds wonderful although lamb out here is the new lobster! Surprising since we’re so called living off the sheep’s back. Seriously, it’s incredibly expensive.

  4. elfinamsterdam

    Do you think it would work with fresh ginger?
    I love ginger, and keep it in the fridge for teas and so forth.

    Might keep this on hand for my mum’s visit at the end of April.

  5. Grannymar Post author

    @Baino – Back in December I posted a recipe for Churchwarden Chicken. I in fact ring the changes by using chicken, beef or pork in it. I aqm sure you could do something similar here. Mind you chicken would cook quicker.

    @Elf – Why not? I love fresh ginger and add it to all kinds of dishes (not when Elly is around, she hates it).

  6. Alice

    Ah me …………… I was a poor little lamb that had lost my way and next thing I knew I wound up in Grannymar’s caserole!

  7. Magpie11

    Not far off what Mrs Magpie cooked for me the first time…before she was….Mrs magpie I mean…I was checking out her claims to be able to cook!;-) She used Chicken…. and it works well with Pork too!

    Fresh Ginger every time…. Failing the ginger Steph could try Black Pepper…or any of the “fancy” peppers as each has it’s own flavour…

    or….cut back a bit on the orange flavour and use Ras el Hanout…a blend of spices from Morroco!….no set recipe and it can contain (I am told) up to 40 spices…. might not work tho’…. the orange might be too much for it…

    Oh there i go again!

  8. Brighid

    No lamb for me thanks, grass fed beef if you please.
    My Sean has dislike lamb ever since the Basque boys had him eat the eyeballs in their infamous old ewe stew.


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