Daily Archives: April 4, 2009

Midlife Meme

a la Going like Sixty

Who has been tagged several times recently to try Memes. He complained that the questions were all suitable for 20 something females so I and some others called his bluff to write his own Meme. He did. Now I suppose I have to take my canal barges out of my mouth and give it a try!

Midlife Meme


Is your spouse/significant other alive? If yes, how can you tell? NO and no idea.
What is your position in the menopause moment? Life is full of men who pause!
If you are post-menopausal, were there casualties? She went to live in another country! Hi daughter! *waves*
Getting any? What or who is Annie any?
Does your spouse/so have the heartbreak of psoriasis? He was a smoothie.
Ever applied medication to your spouse/significant other. Did s/he know it? Yes, and he enjoyed it.
Have you used anything that was “ribbed for your pleasure?” A scarf!


Cash, Debit, or Credit? Give me credit for having the cash!
Have you ever smashed your car so bad you couldn’t drive it? Who’s fault? No, but thieves broke into my present car twice and I had to live without it for a few days each time.
When is the last time you flipped your mattress? Slide top to bottom every two months flip over every six months. That reminds me…. *runs off to bedroom*
Any Pecker Tracks? What happens behind closed doors stays there.
Do you think George Snuffalopagus is a stud? Never heard of him.
Speaking of muppets, which would be your favorite spicy muppet and why? Not into muppets, spicy or otherwise.
What is your favorite spice? Anything but ‘old’!


Do you play a sport? Which one? Scale of 0 to 10 (10 is pro) how good are you? No and no.
Are you a good sport? I hope people find me so.
Do you sport facial hair? (sex doesn’t matter) We all do (baby down)!
When was your first french kiss? Yes! Yes! Yes! A kiss in France. Kissed a French man. Like me the other kind has been around since Adam was a boy, so don’t ask.
Are you a good whistler? Nope! It is even worse than my singing.
Do you like sports drinks? NO! They are all aspartame & water.

Now can you do better than that?