Daily Archives: April 10, 2009


I try to follow a great variety of blogs on a daily basis. I learn from all of them and enjoy adding something to the conversation by way of a comment. There are times when I feel the subject is complete, so I don’t comment. Some topics are way out of my league and I refrain from adding my meagre two pence worth.

This is a tiny sample of the mutterings I made on Twitter or the Blogosphere this week.

When you sit in a room all alone your problems fill the space. Listen to doom and gloom all day and you get depressed. Turn up the music and dance!

The trouble with long arms is that the words often get lost between my brain and my finger tips.

The colour is only in the wrapping (skin)! Peel that back and we are all the same – two lungs, one heart etc., and the blood for all of us is red. I was born & raised in Ireland with a mop of rich auburn hair. My skin was very pale almost white with the biggest freckles you ever saw in summertime. Would you call me piebald?

I have lived long enough to experience tightened belts and lean times.  I never lived beyond my means nor fell for the god of greed.  My needs are simple, a roof over my head and food on my plate.  Money as the Beatles sang, ‘Can’t buy me love’, or indeed happiness for that matter.

This last comment for today was in answer to You can’t buy style

That may be a luxury house but I doubt it would ever be a comfortable home. I have been in ‘magazine pages’ like that, but I am much happier when I can call at a back door and share a coffee at a well used kitchen table.

Gary came back with another post with food for thought for all of us.