Which are you?

Are you a morning or a night person?

As my father made his way into the bathroom each morning when I was a child, he was fond of saying “Give me a man that can sing in the morning!”  I am not sure when this habit started as my father was not a singer.  I think it was his way of saying that he didn’t like grumbling children who were only half awake.

In all my working years I was out of bed and wide awake before 6am each day.  I loved an early journey to work.  The streets were quiet and the people around at that hour were always ready to greet you with a smile.  Later when the day warmed up the folk I passed either kept their heads down or grunted a greeting.  More often than not it was a complaint about the weather being too hot, too cold or too wet!

I grew up in a household where bed before midnight was the norm.  I suppose I did go through a spell when I stretched the boundry to pass the midnight hour.  Now in the autumn of my life bed calls earlier.  Although I am a very bad sleeper I like to climb into a warm bed and stretch out my weary limbs and relax.

Do you wake and sleep easily?  Have you a ritual to start and end the day?  Tell us about it.

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  1. Hails

    As I type this comment I have been wakened at 7.30am by workmen – had to let them in, move the car for their lorry, and have conversations in French since they don’t speak English. I am now sitting going “Urgh” over a cup of strong coffee. I am terrible in the mornings! Takes me at least an hour to properly wake up, and I have to have had my full 8 hours sleep. And since I’m not normally in bed before midnight, that means early rising is not an option for me! I’d love to be like you were, Grannymar… I always feel much better for the rest of the day once I’m up and about early, but it’s so hard to do!

  2. Donncha O Caoimh

    I’m sort of a morning and night person. I’d love to stay in bed longer in the morning but I wake up fairly well. Then I’m sometimes known to be up until after midnight too. Like last night.

    Wrecked now though. zzz

  3. Nick

    Definitely a morning person. I’m wide awake as soon as it gets light and I start nodding off when it gets dark. I was never any good at staying up to the small hours, even as a teenager. I sleep fairly well except when I’m worried about something, then I might easily wake at 3 am and not get back to sleep.

  4. Primal Sneeze

    You’ll be sorry you asked …

    My morning ritual is rolling out the end of the bed and stumbling for the light switch with one hand reflexively protecting my crotch from the sticky-out bookcase.

    Maybe I should move the bookcase.

  5. Grannymar Post author

    @Hails – 8 hours! Do people really sleep for 8 hours?

    @Donncha – I am sure that Adam plays a part in your sleeping routine. Give him a few more years and he will sleep all day!

    @Nick – I knew a guy who no matter what party he attended always had a snooze as Cinderella time approached. Five minutes later he was once again the life and soul of the party and would boogie until dawn.

    @Primal – I think you need to take more care of your marriage prospects! 🙄

  6. Annb

    Ah!- 8 hours sleep, now that would be a luxury -I miss the days when I could count on a straight 8 in the scratcher. I love my bed and I now count hours of sleep like people count calories. Rory’s med’s routines means early rising and late sleeping – still it beats getting up at 4.30 am 3 days a week to go to Dublin for Dialysis – now there’s something I don’t miss. On balance – you could say I’m neither a night person nor a morning person – I’m an in-betweeny!

  7. nuttycow

    I’m a weird one.

    Sometimes I’m an early morning person, sometimes I’m a late night person.

    Is there such a thing as a “daytime” person?

  8. Grannymar Post author

    @Annb – 8 hours sleep! Do people really sleep that long in one stretch? No I know why I am not beautiful! 🙄

    @Nelly – I no longer have need for a snooze button, but an hour with Tobias really improves my day. 😉

    @Nutty – We are all day people, some get to the starting line earlier than others.

  9. Stan

    Formerly I was a night person, so much so that I took a perverse pleasure in insomnia and in being almost constantly sleep-deprived. Nowadays I have far more respect for sleep, and I get enough of it to dream properly and rise early. Well, 8-ish.

    Your remarks about the early journey to work reminded me of a job I had years ago, one with a breakfast shift; I loved walking through the town before dawn, it had such a strange atmosphere.

  10. Phil O'Kane

    I hate going to sleep, always so much on my mind and my ‘to-do’ list. then with general browsing i always find a variety of distractions.

    i’m rarely asleep before 12.30-1am. I want to change this but it seems so impossible. I love those mornings where i wake early, have time for a mug of coffee, and to watch the news for a few mins, but alas, 7am is never a good time for me, instead i usually end up getting out of bed, after hitting ‘snooze’ for about an hour, around 8-8.30.

    I hate my sleeping/waking pattern and maybe someday i will get one that works.

  11. steph

    I’m an early bird, most of the time. My mind is most active first thing in the morning which drives everyone else nuts in this house :mrgreen:

    Like Annb…after years of sleep-deprived nights in hospital, I’m used to having my sleep pattern turned upside down. You long for a good night’s sleep but when you do get home, you can’t sleep properly because your body has got used to existing on short naps. It can take me weeks to re-adjust but I always get their eventually – thankfully.

  12. Nancy

    When I was a young girl (From the ages of 3 to 8) my Granny lived with us and her favorite expression was:

    “You should get up very early in the morning before all the good goes out of the day.”

    To this day I am a very early riser.

    Speaking of Granny, another of her thousands of expressions was…If I said to her,”I want this or I want that” She would always say,”Yes, and the devil wants ice water.” She showed no sympathy whatsoever!

  13. Grannymar Post author

    @Stan – The city very early in the morning is a totally different place to the hustle & bustle, noise and dust of busy business hours.

    @Phil – you need to switch off and wind down before going to bed. Try a walk around the block if that is possible then set yourself a target – every night for a month be in bed before midnight.

    @Steph – Hospital wards are always noisy and not conducive to a good nights sleep. I hope you are managing to get plenty of sleep these days to help fight the bugs.

    @Nancy – I think your granny went to the same school as my father.

  14. rummuser

    Our father was a martinet, quite an RSM! We were all taught to rise early and go to bed early too. It also helped that there were none of the modern distractions like TV, Mulitplexes, Malls etc. We played vigorously and were tired enough to sleep like logs.

    The habit continues to day. I wake up everyday without fail at 0445. After a wash up, I meditate for an hour and come down to make and have my morning cuppa. Back upstairs at about 0645 for preparations and performing my daily routine of yogasanas for 45 minutes. A shower, morning prayers and breakfast at 0800, followed by the newspapers and crossword puzzles. No time to worry about major matters of the world or home till all that is over and done with.

    Nancy, I like your grandmother’s quote. Quite appropriate for today too!

  15. Betty

    I’m a night owl. I always check out a few blogs before I go to bed, and print out the Washington Post crossword puzzle to work the next morning. I go to sleep easily most nights, but it is hard waking up. It probably wouldn’t do much good to go to bed earlier – I would still wake up at the same time. I do love my sleep.

  16. wisewebwoman

    I’m such a night owl, GM, even though a few times in my life (marathon training, dawn tennis matches) I would force myself into the morning package.
    I also adore my bed, I can power nap at the drop of a hat (planes, side of the road in the car, trains,) but also spend an inordinate amt of time reading in bed – a habit from childhood, under the covers with the flashlight now gleefully with good bedside light. (You might consider shipping me a toyboy one of these days – he he)
    I do well on 7-8 hours sleep but it usually is 6.

  17. Nora

    An interesting discussion, Grannymar. My sleep pattern has changed since I’m old. I am a morning person, 5:30 is my hour to shine, but I take a good p.m. nap so I don’t nod off in my chair until past ten p.m. When my kids were growing up, especially as teenagers, I stayed awake worrying about them. But now I can really know off the ZZZZs and fall asleep when my head hits the pillow, just about. There is nothing so lovely as bed now. Or maybe there is but that’s in the past.

    Thanks for twilighting.


  18. Baino

    I set my alarm for 6am but usually well awake before then so yep, definitely a ‘morning’ person. Besides, it gives me the opportunity to catch up with overseas night owls! And yeh as you get older you need less I believe. I tend to be wakeful at about 3am. As for the morning ritual . . two cups of strong Irish breakfast tea and at the moment, a small bowl of apple/cinamon porridge . . it’s getting chilly down under!

  19. Grannymar Post author

    @WWW – When you come to Ireland I might introduce you to a few of my Toyboys!

    @Nora – I know the 5.30am feeling, two hours at a stretch seems to be my limit. Where are the toyboys when I need them? 😉

    @Jonny – I agree!

  20. elly parker

    I’m nearly always in bed by 11:00 – 11:30 these days, and have gone back to my childhood habit of reading for 10/15 mins before going to sleep. Recently though, sleep has not come quickly when I want it to – I’m finding it hard to get comfortable in bed – I think it’s time to change my pillow again, something I end up doing 2/3 times a year when this starts happening – not a cheap habit as I use memory foam pillows!

    I’m not a morning person at all, and struggle to get up by 8am each weekday. Hubbie is usually an early riser and that means I get about an hour in bed to myself each morning. On weekends, if there is no alarm, I have often been known to sleep straight through to noon or 2pm, unless woken – somehow I’ve developed a way to lie that doesn’t press on my bladder, so I can stay in bed for 12/14 hours straight!!

    When I’m sick, my body just shuts down, and I can easily sleep for 20 hours out of 24, rising just to use the bathroom and get food. I also sweat buckets in bed as my body tries to heal itself!

  21. elfinamsterdam

    I was always a happy morning kid, something to do with the fact that my mum spoiled me rotten and had a bed on the sofa and yummy breakfast waiting for me. (she now does the same to my nephew)

    As an adult in Uni I would often lay in bed reading for hours once I woke. But was never a night person, got tired/bored by midnight and have been known to fall asleep in nightclubs.

    In my last job I loved going to work so much I was always happy to jump out of bed and run around the corner to work, to see what mayhem we could create that day.

    Now I have to say I find going to sleep difficulty and like Phil it can take me a while to nod off. Which means dragging myself out of bed after many “snoozes” at 8am. But once I’m up I’m cheerful and chatty always! 🙂

  22. Grannymar Post author

    @Elly – Ahh! I found a way in which you are not like your dad! He used to think about the time he wanted to get up just before going to sleep and he always woke on the button – no alarm clock required!

    @Elf – If Elly had an important reason to get up early… I grilled bacon and she couldn’t resist it. Now I must have a word in George’s ear….!

  23. Grannymar Post author


    I promise I am not sending you to the sin bin. At this stage you must have a free degree in extensions! 🙄


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