Daily Archives: May 9, 2009


I like Coffee!

Coffee is not just a drink.

I like iced coffee and Coffee Helps & the Coffee Maker.  They are people.  They are Bloggers & Twitterers that I have met in real life.

iced coffee takes great photos.  The Coffee Maker makes great coffee & Coffee Helps tells great stories of her travels around Europe.

Hailey from Coffee Helps is home in Norn Iron for a couple of weeks and I was anxious to catch up for a real live chat.  The word soon spread, and on Thursday evening Hails, D@\/e, Nelly, Hannah, Ed Hillan and I gathered for coffee and a good old chat.  Topics covered cats, dogs, chickens, a nasty fox and a clarinet.  Mother’s, mothers-in-law and prospective unions were in the ring too.  We touched travel, troubles, politics and blogging, the craic was mighty and the laughter rang from the rafters.  A very enjoyable evening indeed.

Now when is the next one….

Belfast Flickr Group are meeting at noon and The Waterfront Hall is in our sights today.

I might be missing for some time.