Daily Archives: May 20, 2009

Handy Hints for Wednesday ~ 28

I think I will have to stop writing these tips late at night.  They seem to make me giddy and the more I laugh the harder the task becomes. for instance:-

Jayes Fluid in a ratio of 12 mls to 5 litres of water will remove moss from a bed.  *I thought he went home yesterday* 🙄 (Cork people will get that one!)

Peel and cube fresh pineapple or melon and open freeze in a single layer.  When frozen bag up to store until required.  Very refreshing on a hot day and better than a commercial icepop.  It also works for well washed and dried grapes.

If you take regular medication, keep a list with the name, strength of each one and the number of times per day required, on your person.  That way you have it should an emergency arise.  Remember to update the list.

A few weeks ago we talked about putting the small ends of soap bars into little mesh bags.  Tie one of them to the water tap,in the garden, that way you can clean mucky hands and leave the mess outside.

When you return from holiday or business trip, clean out your toilet bag and refill or replace toiletries such as showergel or shampoo etc.  That way you are ready to fly off at a moments notice.