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My Toyboys are Good News

I wrote earlier about a Toyboy who will reach great heights before rushing back down to earth on 30th May in aid of CARELOCAL


Next I want to draw your attention to another one (yet to receive his badge) who will go the extra mile in Dublin on Monday 1st June.

Paddy Anglican or perhaps I should say my alter ego Patricia Anglican is running the Flora Womens Mini Marathon in Dublin on Bank Holiday Monday 1st June 2009. We are not sure yet what she will be wearing but below are a few of the possible looks we might go for.

He will not be alone; no he will be bringing part of Grannymar with him! Now I will say no more for now… You will just have to go along on the day to see how he does it!

Patricia Anglican will be running in aid of the parish school – Cloughjordan No.1 N.S. Any funds raised (after pantyhose allowance) will be used towards the purchase of Interactive White Boards for the school. In light of the worsening economic situation there is little prospect of state funding for the school ICT program in the next few years which will put our young people at a huge disadvantage when and if things get better in the world economy. The interactive white boards retail at around €4000.

With all the heart wrenching news of how children have been abused and defiled in schools in our land for most of the last century, we now have an opportunity to show in a small way that we care for the students of today. They are our future.


My third Toyboy in the news this week is a real High Flyer.  

Visitors to my blog may not be familiar with Robin Blandford, but you all know Steph his very proud mum. While Steph has struggled with her own health issues she has continued to support and encourage her son.

It was only a year ago that Robin an award-winning technology blogger, returned from Singapore where he was on placement with Thomson Reuters, to concentrate full time on his own project.

Robin was identified early in his graduate recruitment cycle at Thomson Reuters as ‘one to watch’ and was placed on an accelerated management programme with the company. Robin has worked professionally in digital media since leaving university, forming strong industry contacts in London, Dublin, and Singapore. Robin is a volunteer cliff rescue climber with the Irish Coast Guard. A proven innovator with strong technical ability and team leadership.

At just 25 years of age he has flown from Digital Media Engineer at Dublin City University through to ByteSurgery company founder. Well done Robin.

Further Reading:- http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/finance/2009/0522/1224247099748.html

Jumping Jerusalem

You all know I like Toyboys.

I will admit to being biased about one of them.  The trouble is that he has flipped….

Well soon he will have flipped BIG TIME!

He never stops moving, working or thinking.  Finally Mulley found a deceleration device to really slow him down, once and for all.

Mediacontact.ie are organising a MediaDive. They’re getting brave souls to go up in a plane and do a tandem skydive from 13,000 feet. That’s just off four kilometers.

So the brave Darragh will be scared stiff, have fun and help others all in one go.

Darragh has agreed to jump out of a plane for a Granny.  No!  I did not say for Grannymar, but he will do it for people like me who live alone, are perhaps frail and in need of visitors, treats and the odd outing.  Living alone is fine when you are fit and healthy, have family nearby and are able to get about and see friends.  It is totally different when you are unwell.  Not being able to get about, you are very soon out of the loop and forgotten.  Intentions are good but people are busy and they become friends with the phrase “I/we must invite/visit/phone (insert name)”.

You may be kind to your Granny, you may not have one, but one thing sure before you realise it, you will be that old person wishing for a visitor.  Today you can do something to show you care – visit here and donate the price of a couple of drinks or that packet of fags that are bad for you.  I guarantee you will feel good if you do.

In anticipation, (as they used to say at the end of letters)

On behalf of all the Grannies out there I say thank you!