Daily Archives: May 23, 2009

Silence is Golden!

I never enjoyed a beach holiday.

I think I would applaud that guy!

Thanks Ramana for the link.  Is he saying I talk too much? 🙄
On a serious note for a moment….
I love Blogger/Twitter/Photowalk Meet-ups.
I always seem to have conditions for my attendance. How close can I park my car?  Will we be walking a great distance?  How many flights of stairs are involved.  These questions are not because I am an awkward ould biddy, but because of my health.
In younger days I walked for miles, ran up stairs two steps at a time and seldom worried about where I parked a car.  Things have changed!  In my head I am still thirty and want to do all the things I did half a lifetime ago, alas that is not possible.  I need to plan ahead and if I know a ‘busy day’ is planned I rest on the days before and after an event.  I am not ready to hang up my life just yet.
My problem is that my energy drains suddenly just as in that video, it is like a plug has been pulled.  I am used to it, but for those around me it can be a little frightening.  If it should happen when you are around, just sit me down and stay calm.  Fussing and getting excited only adds more stress.
Elly & George are quite used to seeing me in ‘Victorian’ weakness moments.  With all the items that Elly carries in her bag I have yet to see smelling salts,  Do they still make them?
This video made me think…
Will it give George the idea to roll me up and put me in the nearest bin. 🙄