I’m off to Poland

I might get a job there.

An elderly care unit in a small Polish community has offered to rent out pensioners to locals desperate for the kind of help and love that only a grandparent can offer.

The Silesia University’s unit for elderly launched the project “Grandmothers and grandfathers to be hired and loved” in the small southern town of Raciborz earlier this year and has so far found new families for three women.

So reads an article by Janusz Chmielewski in RACIBORZ, Poland  Reuters Life!

Will you miss me?

12 thoughts on “I’m off to Poland

  1. Grannymar Post author

    @Ramana – The article did say Grandads, so if they take I am sure they would take you. How’s your Polish?

    @Magpie – Fish? In moderation thanks.

    @Judy – I will never be a slave for anyone. From now on life is for fun.

  2. Grannymar Post author

    @Jean – You are welcome.

    @Magpie – Cod is no problem, my difficulty is oily fish!
    I know, I know! I should eat it for my heart, but my tummy objects.

  3. Baino

    Aww great idea . . .it’s like the ‘big brother’ program. Actually Grandparents have a lot to offer . . .it’s been proven that children who have access to live in grandparents actually fare better than those who don’t. You’ll have to change your name to Grannymarksi tho.

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