Lady Patricia is over the line

For the past few days Ireland was basking in Mediterranean sunshine, something we have not experienced for several years.  It was a Bank Holiday weekend.  Calling it a Bank holiday takes the fun away, since the word Bank is as worthless as its contents nowadays.

The sun certainly brought the people to enjoy the great outdoors.  Some reached the sky while others pounded the streets all in aid of their fellow men, women and children.

You heard the music and saw the training and now the first of the photos from Patricia Anglican on the day are available here She/he tweeted the day through and we all felt like we were there.  Is it any wonder I feel tired today?

To give you a feel of the event the following photos are from

Ready to go!

A cooling spray

Well done to all who took part and I hope that your chosen charities are feeling the gain from your pain.

3 thoughts on “Lady Patricia is over the line

  1. Susan

    A few of my friends went down for the day and I think raised over €400 for a cause (can’t remember which one this year). It looks like a great day out: thanks for passing along those photos!

  2. Grannymar Post author

    It was a glorious day all over the island, but I am glad I was not pounding the streets!

    Again Well Done to all who took part!


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