Daily Archives: June 3, 2009

Handy Hints for Wednesday ~ 30

Little did I realise thirty weeks ago when I made an appearance on RTE’s The Afternoon Show that it would lead to a regular post every Wednesday for handy hints.  The hints came easily at first, but in the last couple of weeks I have found it more of a struggle.  I am running a little dry for new tips at the moment.  Last week the well was very dry and in a mini panic I threw down the gauntlet to my blogging friends.  You all responded and we had fun, laughter and helpful hints!  If the drought continues I will discontinue this regular spot and find another way to fill a Wednesday.

In the mean time…

Recently I recieved via several emails the tip of how to open a locked car with the keys inside.  The method assumed that the car had a bleep system to unlock the doors.  The tip involved using a mobile phone to call the other holder of said keys and have them click their bleeper into the phone as you pointed your phone at the dashboard.  During the week I spoke to an RAC man trying to open a locked car.  I asked if he had tried the method above and he informed me that it ONLY works for Renault cars.  So if you got that email, don’t depend on it working for you!

In Ireland we are experiencing some welcome hot weather.  Perhaps with the heat you find it hard to sleep.  Baby powder sprinkled on the sheets will absorb moisture, make the bed smell nice and aid sleeping.

When you are going to the beach for the day, leave the rug at home and take an old flat sheet instead.  The sand won’t stick in the fibres and it will be easy to launder at the end of the day.  Sales & bargain bins are a great place to find odd sheets for this purpose.

If you are feeling a little overcooked after a day in the sun, try soaking in a cool (but not cold) bath with a handful of bicarbonate of soda swished in the water. A half hour should do the job nicely!

Try to keep the freezer full, it works better this way particularly in summer.  Loaves of bread help fill the extra space.