Daily Archives: June 16, 2009

Memory Lane

When I was a school girl I loved to baby sit for relations who had TV.  If I was lucky they had an aerial on the roof that gave them BBC and ITV signals from across the water in the UK.  Mind you these signals were only available on the east coast of Ireland.  So watching Emergency Ward 10, Coronation Street and other such programmes was a treat.  I was never really the biggest fan of television so the names of other programmes escape me.

I think that I grew up and lived in the last house in Ireland to buy a Television. My father held out as long as possible because he thought it might be a bad influence on us and interfere with our homework.  When we finally joined the hoards we had one station RTE.

The picture was black and white with more snow than a blizzard.  We had an indoor aerial that sat on top of the TV and was known as the ‘rabbits ears’ We had to move it about to improve the signal.  RTE imported American soaps by the bucket full back then. In very calm weather the signal from a Welsh station came floating in, so while we watched the Virginian on his horse travelling over the same section of the countryside umpteen times, the dulcet tones of a Welsh accent came wafting over the one speaker.  Stop laughing… we never heard of stereo!

Theme tune for the Virginian.

I have no recollection of when we moved to colour, but I do remember hearing my mother’s laughter reaching me at the kitchen table as I struggled with maths homework.  Curious to discover the reason I went into the other room to see this:


Mammy really loved that show, particularly when the phone rang!