Daily Archives: June 23, 2009


Sometimes I write a post and it ends right there!  No comment is added.

Thankfully that is not usually the case.  Most days the comments come rolling in with the conversation continuing throughout the day.  There are times where the banter goes forward and backward over a few days.  There is no telling what subject or topic will grab the attention of those who pause to read the mutterings here.

There are the regulars for whom a visit is as normal as daily breakfast, some catch up at a weekend, and there are the surprises – those who accidentally land here while searching for a topic, phrase or word.  It is something that always fascinates me.

One such post written over a year ago is a case in point.  The Radio was a journey back into my young life and the part the radio played during those far off times.  It stirred many memories and acted as a memory jog to other radio programmes down the years.  The chat lasted three days and then fell silent until a short revival in July, with another burst in October when Declan Hayden asked:

Does anyone know where I might track down the theme tune to Harbour Hotel, a radio programme on RTE Radio 1 in the 1970’s and finished about 1986 I think?

Alas nobody did and I suggested that Declan contact RTE. I have no idea if he did try that suggestion and since he left no URL I am unable to make contact.

Suddenly the post livened up again in December with several comments added to the discussion, again they were not Bloggers and I am not sure if the are lurking about still or have moved on to greener pastures.

Again silence.

Until yesterday!

When a fresh comment arrived..

SK (alas no URL) asked:

Did you manage to get the Harbour Hotel theme?
I have it if you want it

So Declan, if you are lurking please get in touch by leaving a comment either here or on the original post and I will try to pass your details to SK.  I normally only keep these details for a couple of days,