Daily Archives: June 24, 2009

Handy Hints for Wednesday ~ 33

Week 33.  How I wish I was ‘Turty tree’ again! 🙄

Once again I have five more handy hints for you:

When cooking if you over-salt food, add a spoonful of honey or drop a chopped potato or two into the pot.  As the potato cooks it absorbs the salt.

Over ripe bananas that you don’t want to waste?  Mash and freeze for making cakes and biscuits.

To remove coffee or tea stains from cups, fill with very hot water and a splash of white vinegar. Leave to stand for at least 20 minutes, or overnight.

To lengthen life of wooden clothes pegs. Place them in an old saucepan, cover with water & a spoonful of salt bring to the boil and simmer for 20 minutes. Drain and leave in a single layer on an old towel to dry.

Do you need a neat string dispenser? Nail a funnel to wall and pull string out of bottom of funnel.