Home again!

I apologise for my lack of attention to the blog and to those who left comments.

There are two very good reasons.

Firstly on Tuesday about lunchtime my broadband died!  RIP was certainly not the phrase I uttered.  The air was rather blue for a short while but thankfully the air has cleared and this evening the broadband has returned to full working order.

Secondly I was invited at short notice, for a mini break, all expenses paid on Thursday.  It involved an early start and I was told not to drive.  A Taxi arrived promptly at my doorstep at 6.45am. and I was soon whizzing towards Belfast for my 7.30 appointment.  Once installed in my single room with en-suite, I had a string of visitors…  The day included changes of outfit, a ‘Gucci’ gown and a striptease! 🙄

View from my window

I didn’t have much time to explore the view because the Toyboys were waiting.  The cameras were soon in position and the fun began.  About 45 minutes later I was returned to my room where my every whim was catered for.  I may be home with the odd war wound or two, and unable to drive for a couple of days… but the finished result was well worth it!

I now go on the list to have my hip replaced.

As far as I am concerned the NHS rocks!

21 thoughts on “Home again!

  1. Sharon

    Rock on.
    So glad to hear it went well and that you will finally get on that list.

    Any more word on your eligibility for a Blue Badge in the meantime?

  2. Nick

    Why so mysterious? It looks like the BBC. So were you complaining about not getting a hip operation? It sounds like you got a result anyway….

  3. Grannymar Post author

    @Sharon – I am very relieved to have that hurdle out of the way. Being honest I have not tried to get a Blue badge yet.

    @Nick – The view was from the 5th floor of the Royal Victoria Hospital. My name on the list for hip surgery was dependant on a good result from an angiogram yesterday. The end of pain is in sight so today I am a happy bunny.

  4. Nancy


    They just called from Hollywood. Daniel Day Lewis and the director are delighted with the news of your hip replacement.

    Now, when they shoot the sequel to your film, “There Will Be Vinegar”,you’ll be able to do your own stunts.

  5. Nick

    That’s good news. Hope you don’t have to wait too long for the op. And then of course you’ll be ready to appear on Strictly.

  6. steph

    “And with a swing of her hips
    She started to strip
    To tremendous applause
    She took of her drawers

    And with a lick of her lips
    She undid all her clips
    And threw it all in the air
    And everybody stared

    And as the last piece of clothing
    Fell to the floor
    The police were banging on the door
    On a Saturday night
    In 1924

    Take it away boys…” 😀

  7. Darlene

    I will be waiting with baited breath for your hip replacement report. I am now able to walk with a more normal gait after getting mine, but I still use a cane for balance.

    If it doesn’t happen soon you could always fall and break the hip; then they would have to do it immediately. However, I wouldn’t recommend it. It hurts like bloody hell. 🙁

  8. Baino

    Ah so that’s where you’ve been, I saw a reference to the Theater on Steph’s blog! I was going to email you this morning actually. Good news though. You’ll be the bionic woman before you know it!

  9. stwidgie

    Glad to hear you’ll be getting a new hip, GM. My mom got new knees after she retired (one at a time, thank you very much) and she was really pleased with the results.

  10. Grannymar Post author

    Thank you again everyone. The next hurdle should happen in the next three months. That gives me time to work at the exercises to help strengthen both legs and my upper body, that way leaving me with only the new hip to think about after the operation.

  11. Lily

    Grannymar, you had two good excuses for your absence – I only had one.

    Hope you get that new hip soon. Whatever about the NHS, you rock!

  12. Grannymar Post author


    I certainly rock these days…. from side to side, my right leg seems shorter these days. Never mind it gives the neighbours something to whisper about! I am sure they think I have a drink problem!


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