Daily Archives: June 28, 2009

I am playing catch up.

Thankfully I woke in my own bed on Friday morning! It was a lovely feeling to know there was somebody else in the house and a morning hug was waiting for me.  Elly, who had brought me home from the hospital on Thursday, was staying to keep an eye on me and watch for the hazards that might disrupt progress and also to make sure I behaved myself!

A good internet signal meant that she was able to work for a couple of hours while I pottered about at my leisure.  At one stage I heard her talking to somebody and thinking we had a guest I went to investigate.  It was a delivery of parcel post.  One package for her and one for me.  I had ordered nothing so I was like a child at Christmas all fingers and thumbs while I undid the tape and wrapping.  It was a wonderful unexpected surprise.  Thank you Fran!

Elly cleared her virtual desk and said she would take me out for a couple of hours.  I did want to call to Tools for Living in Ballymena, to see their sock and stocking aids.  I want to see which one is best and start practising now so that when I have the hip replaced I will be able to put my own socks on.  Alas the place closed early on a Friday so we picked up Hails from Coffee Helps and went for a girly giggle and cup of coffee at Junction One.

Ordering coffee

Thats not me in the middle!

I didn’t realise that Elly & Hails were meeting for the first time, they were like kindred spirits and we managed to catch up on all our news as well as all going home with little treats.  We left Hails back to where we found her as she had another appointment and we headed for home.

“Are you hungry Mum?” asked Elly.  “Do you fancy eating out, that way we have no dishes to wash” she added.  We discussed where to go and we decided on a Chinese restaurant.  The food was good and I eat well.  By the time we reached home I was ready for my bed.

That night I would not be lonely…..

My Toyboys come from Hollywood!

That is Made In Hollywood