Daily Archives: July 1, 2009

Handy Hints for Wednesday ~ 34

How about a Nancy pin-cushion?    Since Nancy only had one bar of soap and needed it in the bath, why not try using steel wool to fill your pin cushion, it will keep needle points sharp.

Wash sweaters inside out and leave them that way until finished ironing.   Place a layer of muslin or an ironing cloth smoothly over the item to be ironed.  For machine washing – use the wool cycle only.

You can use certain fragrances to deter moths. Dried lavender blossoms in cotton bags or Cedar wood blocks hung in wardrobes or placed in drawers will do the trick.

Did you ever try cutting a hot or warm cake? Use a thread or dental floss, hold both ends tightly and lower through slowly.

Does peeling onions make you cry? Peel them submerged in a bowl of water. The ONIONS Nancy, not you! 🙄