My Flowers

Do you like my flowers?? πŸ™„

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  1. Grannymar Post author

    @Lette – They are all nature’s flowers and they grow whether we talk to them or not! πŸ™„

    @Will – Dandy they are to me, I will read their pictures any day!

    @Rhyleysgranny – Telepathy! I was sitting here thinking that I owe you an email. Hope all is well in your corner.

  2. Nancy


    A Dandy is Handy when you need a little nip. They really do make a fine wine…IF you are not too fussy…

  3. wisewebwoman

    So much better than hothouse forced blooms. I just love natural flowers and who determines what’s a weed anyway? Let’s make some serious daisy chains here!

  4. Grannymar Post author

    @Nancy – I have enough dandelions and nettles to fill a brewery!

    @Nick – I was thinking of sending a bouquet to Clarence House! πŸ˜‰

    @WWW – I totally agree with you. πŸ˜€

    @Judy – Did you ever add them to an arrangement? Would they work? I am thinking more a piece of slate, some moss and stones and a few dandelions.

  5. Grannymar Post author


    HRH PC is a right old weed and he likes to talk to plants, trees and flowers.

  6. bikehikebabe

    Dandelions are so pretty & prolific. It’s a shame that they’re socially unacceptable & cause a lot of people work removing them.

    Now nettles deserve a bad rap! We don’t have them here in NM in U.S. but run into them on hikes in the mountains sometimes. ( wearing shorts—OUCH). Are lots in Sweden where my daughter lives.

  7. Magpie11

    Daisies…Days’ Eyes…young girls sitting pulling off the (white) ray florets..” He loves me,.He loves me not. He loves me…” od nipping little holes in the stems and making chains…hole near the flower head and you got one kind of chain, near the end of the stem and it was different.

    Dandelions..that’s what I’m having on my coffin…a single dandelion..if you want to know why:

    Agree about the wine..pick the flowers on St. George’s day for the best results IIRC….and blanched leaves add a nice bitterness to a salad…they say the roots roasted make a good “coffee”… which is not surprising as dandelion and Chicory are related. And during WWII the Russians are said to have tried to use the latex to make rubber.

    As for names…Wet the bed, Pis en lit, are among the several names.
    They reflect the diuretic effect of the plant..”Don’t yew go a sniffen on thet there flar, boy. Do yew do yew’ll wet tha bed!”…

  8. Grannymar Post author


    I remember walking in a field with long grass and nettles when I was a child. I was wearing shorts so I removed my cardigan and put my legs through the arms! I must have looked a sight but who cares it saved my legs from the stinging nettles and the tickling grasses.

  9. Grannymar Post author


    I thought of you as I posted this picture, I was thinking of that post.

    I read somewhere that you can replace spinach in any recipe with young dandelion leaves.

  10. Darlene

    I just learned more about Dandelions than I need to know. πŸ˜‰

    You may as well cultivate them since they are so easy to grow. Why fight a losing battle? Dandelions win every time. Besides they are so sunny !!!

  11. bikehikebabe

    Sweden, where my daughter lives, grows the most spectacular dandelion leaves–probably the most nutritious vegetable there is. 15 or so years ago in Sweden the Swedes didn’t have green veggies in the market. About the only one was bell peppers & the red & yellow ones were cheaper. ( Kale & dark leafy green vegetables grow so well in cold climates too.)

    I picked the dandi. leaves to eat whenever I was out. Later people from hot climates swarmed into Sweden & WONDERFUL vegetables markets sprung up everywhere & lots of veggies in the regular markets. Such an improvement! HAIL TO THE HEARTY DANDELION!

  12. Grannymar Post author

    @BHB – Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Cauliflower and Kale all grow well in our climate.

    @Phoenix – Hello and welcome on board. I hope you will return soon and join in the fun we have.

  13. Grannymar Post author


    That sounds easy with about half the sugar of my recipe. Now my taste buds are working overtime.

    I am off to ransack the fridge and see if I can find something lemony.

  14. Baino

    Well it depends, are they in your lawn? Dandelion wine comes to mind! Monday’s recipe perhaps. Or Dandelion and Burdock although I have no idea what’s in it, I just remember it from being a child in England, Dandelion and Burdock Icey Poles!

  15. Grannymar Post author


    A lawn area full of dandelions would be colourful and edible and drinkable! Win! Win! Win!


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