Daily Archives: July 6, 2009

News of Steph

I am sure my regular visitors miss the daily comments from Steph.  Some of you read her blog The Biopsy Report and know that she is travelling a rather difficult road right now.  Following extensive and difficult surgery in Nottingham a few weeks ago she returned home to Dublin and her family.

Unfortunately severe pain continues to be a problem and during the week she had a setback.  In consultation with the medical proffessionals both at home and in Nottingham it was agreed that she should be admitted to hospital in Dublin for further treatment.

I spoke to her hubby on Friday evening and she had returned to hospital that afternoon.  I sent her hugs and good wishes from all who visit Grannymar Gables.

In true Steph style I had a text from the drip her on Saturday to say she was still in A&E with drips going full belt with medication and pain relief.  She was allowed texts but no calls.

Lo and behold; on Sunday afternoon my IM pinged, and it was my brave wired up soldier friend still in A&E longing for a chat with the outside world.  Thoughtful hubby had brought in the laptop for her to play awhile.  I passed on your good wishes and she asked me to thank anyone who had emailed or made contact.

Alas, Steph faces yet another visit to theatre today and I know you will all take time out to think and pray for her as you go about your normal day.

Feel free to leave your messages and wishes here for her, and hubby and I will pass them on.  I will keep you updated as I get news.

Steph, we are all thinking of you and the family at this time.

Big hugs & love xoxoxox

(I have Steph’s permission to publish this information)

Food Monday ~ Orange Salad

Orange, olive and spring onion salad

This serves four people and can make a dainty first course using the orange shells as containers.

5 large oranges

100g black olives

2 spring onions thinly sliced

1 small lettuce if not using the orange shells.


1 X 5ml spoon caster sugar

1 X 5ml spoon mustard powder

1 X 5ml spoon lemon juice

5 X 15ml spoons French dressing

1 X 15ml spoon chopped mint

Sprigs of mint to garnish

Peel one orange and cut the tops off the other four, then carefully cut a very thin slice off the bottom to give a flat base and allow the orange to stand without rolling over.  Using a grapefruit knife carefully scoop out the orange flesh trying not to break the segments.  Discard all the membrane and pips.  Mix the orange segments, olives and spring onion slices in a bowl.

Mix the sugar, mustard and lemon juice into the French dressing and pour over the orange mixture.  Just before serving stir in the chopped mint.

Serve on a bed of lettuce or if using the orange shells put them on small plates and spoon in the orange salad.  Garnish with a sprig of mint and serve with crusty bread.