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I am sure my regular visitors miss the daily comments from Steph.  Some of you read her blog The Biopsy Report and know that she is travelling a rather difficult road right now.  Following extensive and difficult surgery in Nottingham a few weeks ago she returned home to Dublin and her family.

Unfortunately severe pain continues to be a problem and during the week she had a setback.  In consultation with the medical proffessionals both at home and in Nottingham it was agreed that she should be admitted to hospital in Dublin for further treatment.

I spoke to her hubby on Friday evening and she had returned to hospital that afternoon.  I sent her hugs and good wishes from all who visit Grannymar Gables.

In true Steph style I had a text from the drip her on Saturday to say she was still in A&E with drips going full belt with medication and pain relief.  She was allowed texts but no calls.

Lo and behold; on Sunday afternoon my IM pinged, and it was my brave wired up soldier friend still in A&E longing for a chat with the outside world.  Thoughtful hubby had brought in the laptop for her to play awhile.  I passed on your good wishes and she asked me to thank anyone who had emailed or made contact.

Alas, Steph faces yet another visit to theatre today and I know you will all take time out to think and pray for her as you go about your normal day.

Feel free to leave your messages and wishes here for her, and hubby and I will pass them on.  I will keep you updated as I get news.

Steph, we are all thinking of you and the family at this time.

Big hugs & love xoxoxox

(I have Steph’s permission to publish this information)

18 thoughts on “News of Steph

  1. Jaimie Blandford

    Hubby says “Thanks Grannymar!” Steph enjoyed being read your post over the phone. She is still in A&E and waiting test results. – Jaimie

  2. Grannymar Post author

    Hi Jaimie,

    Thanks for the update, we are all willing her well and a speedy recovery and return home to her own nest.

  3. Annb

    Thanks for updating us GM, I was just starting to worry about Steph. So sorry to hear she is still having to battle. Best wishes to her from all of us in Galway. We will be thinking of her and sending warm hugs her way to speed her recovery. Anything we can do? Just say the word.

  4. Sharon

    Thanks for the update.

    Steph, I’m thinking of you and wishing you the very best. So sorry to hear that you’ve had to go through so much and suffer such pain. I really hope these treatments will help to ease the pain and that you will be feeling better soon.

    You’ve got your priorities right though, best thing to do when stuck in hospital is to get onto IM with a good friend.

  5. Maria

    I do not know you, but I know cancer. I am an eighteen year surviver of breast cancer. Tonight when I look at the sun setting over the desert and feel the warm winds gently rocking the branches of our trees, I will send a prayer upward for you.

  6. Darlene

    Although we have only met here at grannymar’s I feel like I know you. I wish you a speedy recovery and am sending healing thoughts your way.

  7. Nancy

    Hello, dear Steph..

    I miss you so much here at Grannymar Gables. I could always count on you for a fun comment. Sometimes you made my day with your wit and wisdom.

    I’m so sorry you are having problems now and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope to hear that you are much better soon..

    You’ll be all right, Duck….

  8. steph


    Here I am!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    This post has given me such a welcome lift. As you already know, I heard it over the phone this am but now a laptop bearing husband has arrived and I’m lapping up all this attention.

    I finally left A&E at lunchtime when I was transferred to a 4-bed ward in the main hospital. It’s heavenly quiet by comparison. No trip to theatre today but it looks Iike I might be here for another good while.

    Everyone has been so kind and I’m responding well to treatment.

    Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments. My husband, Jaimie, has texted them to me throughout the day and it’s provided a real lift.

    I’m a happy camper tonight

    I owe you one GM! 😀

  9. Baino

    Oh Steph. GM mentioned that things were awry such a shame after what seemed to be a successful procedure. Thinking of you darls. Rest up, enjoy the ‘relax’ and all the very best for any upcoming treatement. You’ll nail this thing in the end, I know you will. Much love and thanks Grannymar for keeping us in the loop.

  10. Grannymar Post author

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for your messages of love and support for Steph.
    I chatted to her in the last hour, it has been a long day and she is tired.

    With more prods, pokes and tests due tomorrow, I donned my Matron’s hat and told her it was time to bed down. Hopefully in a quieter ward sleep will be more generous

    Thank you Jaimie for keeping Steph up to speed with all her friends.

  11. Lily

    Steph, So sorry to hear you have had a setback. You certainly didn’t deserve that. Best of luck when you go to theatre. Will be thinking of you. Miss you in blogosphere. Lily x

  12. bikehikebabe

    Hi Grannymar Gables, Growing old isn’t for sissies. All kind of incovenient (bad) things happen to you that you have to fix. I’m guessing from that name that it’s happening to you too. I’m 76 & recovering from a hip replacement 2 weeks ago here in the USA. The Best to you. I’ve read comments from Steph in the past but don’t remember much. Will be looking for your recovery from now on. (I stand up to type on computer. Hip killing me about now—to bed.


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