Daily Archives: July 8, 2009

Handy Hints for Wednesday ~ 35

So how many times do I mention the V word this week……?

To keep a burn from blistering, spray with or steep in vinegar.

When you buy chips/French Fries from your local take away do you ask for salt and vinegar with them?  They might be tasty, but I wonder what it does for your stomach since salt and vinegar make a really good copper cleaner.

Do kitchen stools slip or slide on your tiled floor?  Try putting rubber ferrels or tips from crutches on bottom of legs.

Are cooking odours a problem. I have mentioned before to light a candle while cooking, but if you do not have one try boiling a hand full of cloves in water for 30 minutes. All odours will disappear.

We had a debate the other week about slicing onions under water.  Nancy if the bath is in use, I have another idea try freezing the onions before slicing them.