Daily Archives: July 11, 2009

New Toys

I went shopping one day during the week for some new toys.

The bed/chair table I purchased a few weeks ago.  It has turned out quite useful.  Tobias sits nicely on the main section which I tilt slightly forward and can work on quite easily without having to put the weight on my knees.  I know, I know!  But EVERYONE uses their lap to rest a laptop on, how else did it get the name!  The side section stays static and will hold my coffee cup, (*whisper* plus sticky bun*, but don’t tell Elly 😉 ).

On the Bed table are new socks, Coiler shoe laces, Safe-T-Strips, Soapy Soles and a sock aid.  They are all available here.

A closer look at the items: Front left are the Coiler laces, they measure about 6inches as they are, but they actually fit my walking boots.  You thread them through as normal laces but there is no need to tie the ends,  They stretch as you pull on or off the boot or shoe and are neat, comfortable and secure while walking.  Below you can see one in my well used nine year old boots.

Above them in the picture are Safe-T-Strips for the floor of the shower.  The packet contains 20 permanent adhesive strips and I see from the back of the wrapper that they are suitable for the edge of outdoor deck steps or terraces.

The blue item at the back is what they call Soapy soles a footpad with suction grip to easily clean and massage the feet without bending.  It came with a free sachet of liquid soap!

The final item with the cords and blue compressed foam handles on the right is the sock aid.  I tried it with all the socks shown below.  Since I am a very cold creature and wear socks winter and summer even in bed I needed to be able to put socks on easily post surgery.  I know it may be a few months away but by starting now it will be second nature to me and not something new to deal with.

I tried it with sports socks, fine socks and the pop socks you see  on the aid.  They all worked well and there was no bending from an upright sitting position.

The final item I have to show you are my balls!

Caught you there didn’t I!  You didn’t know about them now!

I have them for a few years now… well since I broke my wrist in 2005.

They are sponge tennis sized balls ideal for exercising the fingers.  Once the plaster was removed from my hand and a splint put on it, I was able to use them to keep the movement going.  I brought them out when I went for a walk and exercised my hands as well as my feet.  I was a very lucky lady at that time as I now have full movement in my right (major) wrist.

Now back to the exercises….