Handy Hints for Wednesday ~ 37

Keep salt moisture free. Put two grains if rice in the shaker. It will absorb moisture.

Need a spectacle cleaner? Vinegar diluted in water rubbed on the lens and then polished off with a soft lint free cloth. Voila! Like new again.

Easily reduce ashtray smell. Keep a small amount of baking soda in ashtrays at all times.

Anyone tried this tip to stop cabbage odours? Throw a couple of walnut kernels in pot while cooking.

When you need soft butter quickly…. If your butter is frozen or very solid, grate it.

10 thoughts on “Handy Hints for Wednesday ~ 37

  1. Grannymar Post author

    @Ashok – Glad t be of help.

    @Primal – 😆 Up to the top of the class with you, and give out the pencils! 😆

  2. Nancy

    Good tips, except:

    “Anyone tried this tip to stop cabbage odours? Throw a couple of walnut kernels in pot while cooking.”

    Grannymar, have you ever smelled walnut kernels boiling? You’ll be throwing more cabbage in the pot to get rid of the odor…..

  3. Baino

    Cabbage? Ugh who cooks cabbage? Don’t cook it people! Have it crispy in coleslaw or with sweet ginger vinegrette and crispy Thai noodles. Actually vinegar does work on glasses but it makes my eyes water. I’m putting the ash tray trick to the test! Stay tuned. Have you any tips for a key that won’t move in the ignition . . you could save me $300?

  4. Maynard

    Put the butter under your arm, it will melt the butter and grease the shoulder joint at the same time.

  5. Grannymar Post author

    @Nancy – I don’t like the smell of fish cooking but I do enjoy eati8ng it! Do You often make walnut kernel soup? 😉

    @Baino – Stirfry the cabbage. Yummy! I use a toyboy to solve all my ignition problems! 🙄

    @Maynard – You forgot the added flavour! 😉

  6. Magpie11

    Vinegar is one of the best glass cleaners I know. Windows and drinking glasses too….rinse in hot water with vinegar.

    Cooking smells…try burning a candle by the cooker…. it’s an old Norfolk way of combating the smell of cooking herrings or kippers and will help dispel other smells. I actually love the idea of cabbage and walnuts…. If you don’t boil your cabbage how do you manage for that lovely thing my Grannie used to make for me? A mug of hot fresh cabbage water with an Oxo cube or spoon of Marmite (or Bovril) dissolved in it? I used to love it!


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